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Deptford Mall Coming Soon; Cotton On Body, Inspiration Co, Rally House.  Now Open Starbucks and Bubble Bear Tea

Deptford Mall Coming Soon; Cotton On Body, Inspiration Co, Rally House.  Now Open Starbucks and Bubble Bear Tea
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An exciting spring update for the Deptford Mall with three new stores coming soon; Cotton On Body, Inspiration Co and Rally House. Also the temporarily closed Starbucks coffee kiosk at the Center Court has reopened, and Bubble Bear Tea is open in the food court.

Starbucks Deptford Mall has reopened after a short several month closure.

And let’ s not forget that in the last few months the Deptford Mall has added Bonesaw Brewery Pilot House, Miniso, Real Fruit Bubble Tea, and a larger expanded Foot Locker store.

With shopping malls nationally feeling impacts of changes in shopping patterns, the Deptford Mall continues to thrive with numerous openings and happy shoppers. Owner Macerich states that the Deptford Mall has the highest foot traffic of any of their 44 large shopping center properties!

Bonesaw Pilot House opened in the Deptford Mall, last Fall

Cotton On Body

The Australian brand Cotton On is clearly finding success with the Deptford Mall and South Jersey shoppers, as they are set to open their THIRD branded retail store within the mall.

First opened in 2020, the Flagship Cotton On brand is a fun, casual and affordable Australian fashion retailer which is open on the 1st floor, close to the food court.

Soon after, the brand added Cotton On Kids to the Deptford Mall, which brings that same concept of affordable but fashionable clothing to the under 14 crowd… baby, toddler, and kids!

Now Cotton On is building out their third store, which will be called Cotton On Body. This new store is targeted at women’s apparel but in the activewear, intimates, sleepwear, loungewear and swimwear categories.

The new Cotton On Body store will be coming to a unit directly across from the original Cotton On store!

Cotton On Kids opened about 2 years ago in the Deptford Mall. Soon Cotton On will have THREE store stores in the mall.

Inspiration Co

Inspiration Co is a jewelry brand whose primary focus is on wrist bracelets featuring inspirational and positive messages.

Started in 2017, Inspiration Co now has over 50 stores in malls all across the United States, and have been featured on Good Morning America, Vogue magazine and even listed as one of Oprah’s favorite things.

The story of the start of the brand is inspirational itself!

South Florida couple Doug and Ashley Waldbueser would regularly leave positive notes for each other around the house… such as on the bathroom mirror, or tucked away in various places throughout the house in hopes that their partner would find the message, and have a bright and positive moment.

This led to the idea in 2017 of creating inspirational message bracelets and selling them online. Starting out as a small garage-based business selling via Shopify grew quickly…. leading to the opening of retail stores!

Image: Inspiration Co.

When I visited last week I popped in to the store as they were setting up and got to meet Doug! He had a lot going on getting things ready so we didn’t have a chance to chat much… but it was nice to see that even with 50+ locations, one of the owners was so involved with the store opening!

Inspiration Co is coming to the mall 2nd floor near center court, between Icing and Buckle.

Rally House

Rally House is a sports apparel retailer offering clothing, sweatshirts, jerseys and merchandise from all of our local favorite teams.   You’ll find a large array of merchandise for the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, Flyers, local University teams and more.

Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies are all likely familiar with the catchy jingle commercials they regularly play on the game broadcast… “Rallll…. eeee House!   Rallll…. eeee House!”

The new Rally House store will be opening in the lower level in a large store that is in the area of where the Annie’s Pretzel kiosk is located.

And yes readers.. this would be the second Rally House for Deptford as just last fall they opened a location just minutes away at the Court at Deptford, next to Hobby Lobby.

Also, just this month another Rally House opened close by… at the Gloucester Premium Outlets in Blackwood.

Starbucks Has Reopened

The mall Starbucks located in the center court has reopened, after a several month temporary closure.

Initially customers where saddened by the closure believing it to be permanent, but this was just part of a financial move to change ownership from a Corporate store to a privately operated licensed store.

Starbucks Center Court at the Deptford Mall is OPEN!

Everything about the reopened Starbucks is the same… the exact same large kiosk, amazing coffee and other food items.

Bubble Bear Tea

Bubble Bear Tea is open in the Deptford Mall food court on the second level. 42Freeway first wrote about them back in September.

Bubble Bear describes themselves as a modern bubble tea concept, featuring perfect bubble tea, coffee and fresh pastries.

The menu features milk tea, fruit tea, slushies, lemonade and even matcha latte

Everything can be customized to your liking and the Iced Lattes get special attention with a four step ordering process to choose your size, sugar level, milk option and flavoring.

I stopped in about a week ago in order to drink and found that the entire Deptford Mall food court was very crowded, as well as a line of people waiting to try Bubble Bear Tea.

This is the second Asian bubble tea store in the mall, as Real Fruit Bubble Tea opened about 3 months ago on the lower level, center court.

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