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About : Where’s The Traffic Reports?

As we all drive around we notice the new businesses coming in and the stores that have closed.  And when we are hanging with friends the “hey did ya hear what’s opening over in…” eventually will be a part of the conversation.

So in short, the above is what is about.

Below is a YouTube video post I recorded on 3/11/2018 trying to explain the site, and its story targets. 10 minutes long but the first few minutes cover the important parts.

There is a reason major highways are called “arteries”; because one roadway can connect multiple towns making them both efficient ways to reach each other, but also making them dependent on the successes and failures of each other. While there are different governments, tax structures, and commercial districts… Route 42 connects several major South Jersey towns.  No matter how well things are going in Washington or Gloucester Townships, they are absolutely connected and impacted by the road construction or landfill development in Bellmawr.

For the start of the site, I am focusing on the following towns:

  • Bellmawr
  • Deptford Township
  • Gloucester Township
  • Washington Township
  • Monroe Township (Williamstown)
  • Winslow Township (Sickerlville)

And here are the planned content types.

  • Photo Posts – Very short posts about a business/retail changes or interesting facts.
  • Blog Posts – Featured longer blog posts with more in-depth content.  Also targeting interviews with key people in the region.
  • Forums – User generated content from the forums.  Users are free to discuss Business and Retail, and the suggestions may turn into blog posts.
  • Events – Under the “pro commerce” umbrella, at times I will highlight interesting events  that could lead to a larger positive impact for the towns, such as free concerts or wine tasting events.

No Sports.  No politics   Right off the bat, take away the two most debated online /radio topics.   No Sports.  No politics.   (Well, politics where its related to a commerce change).  If you want to complain about Ruben Amaro’s direction for the Phillies, or you think your mayor is a no-show leader… well maybe I care a little but this isn’t the place for it!

Lastly, who am I?

I am Mark Matthews, previously a resident of Bellmawr for most of my life, and recently (2014) we moved to Deptford NJ.   I was a community blogger for several years writing about the towns surrounding Bellmawr, with a strong focus on the Bellmawr Landfill (most of the information about the landfill that made it to the public came from me).  I’ve blogged for the Courier Post, Bellmawr Blogger, and most recently Cleary’s Notebook.

I’ve jumped around a little, but is the first time I’ve had a consistent theme.  It’s a subject matter I truly enjoy and with the move to Deptford… it all just clicked “hmmm this could be a pretty good idea”.

So please check us out regularly, and “Like” our Facebook page where much of the content will also be posted.


03/08/2021:  Launch of 42Freeway Destinations!   A new section of focusing on interesting places to visit in and around South Jersey and the Delaware Valley.  Yes… we are talking more than just new businesses!  And yes… we are talking more than just the 42Freeway corridor.  Interesting sites and places; parks, breweries, kids fun, kayaking, the Jersey Shore and more!   To be clear… 42Freeway “classic” is unchanged!

Read more here:  42Freeway Destinations : Let’s Go On A Roadtrip!
42Freeway Destinations Facebook (Go Like!)
42Freeway Classic Facebook (Go Like!)

6/3/2019:  I sat in on the Small Bites podcast, and my 10 minute segment right at the start of the show does a good job of explaining the history of my blogging, what the site is about, and the impact it is having.  Give it a listen.   Click for my article and link to audio.

3/1/2019: Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Kevin Riordan wrote a feature piece on Mark Matthews and 42Freeway!  Thank you Kevin!  Check it out here!

11/5/2018Check out the bio article written by Rowan Journalism student Peter Planamente

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