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Advertise! has become a household name in the communities where you do business; Washington Township, Gloucester Township, Deptford Township, Monroe Township and further out to other quality surrounding communities.

And… 42Freeway readers are following the site because they want to learn about exciting businesses!

Now you have an opportunity to benefit from this combination! A no frills, no BS, advertising plan for your business…. on

No BS – We are only offering header ads at this time

I’d love to sell ads on the side menu… everyone else does. It’s a very common web ad placement. But honestly, I don’t think they are the best option. See, we live in a mobile world. Everyone is attached to their cell phones, and I can see from my weblogs that a significant number of readers are looking at the site via smartphones. Simply, those users don’t really see the side menu ads because in most mobile templates the side menu gets pushed way down past the article! What you the advertiser doesn’t realize is, that still counts as a “hit” that you pay for even though most readers won’t scroll down past the bottom of the article to see the ad!

Long story short, we feel the prime spot for advertising in today’s website… is at the top of the page in the are of the “header”. And that’s where you want your ad to be placed!

42Freeway Advertising Experience

Desktop Placement: On the desktop version main page of 42Freeway, your ad will be positioned at the top of the “slider” of article photos, in a wider rectangular format. The positioning of the local ads means it’s visible without anyone having to scroll down. It’s just there. In an article page, your ad will be placed directly below the article image and above the article text. Again, no scrolling… it’s just there.

Mobile Placement: For smartphone mobile users, the ad size is adjusted to accommodate the smartphone format (a little taller to offset the reduced width), and similar to the desktop… on the main page it’s positioned about the slider image, and on an article page it’s at the top of the article text. If someone is reading the article, they are seeing your advertisement.


Finally we are going to some numbers! For the last 6 months we are averaging over 50,000 page views each month according to Google Analytics, and this number is rapidly growing. Over 250,000 unique users have read content on the website in the same 6 months.

Our pricing is simple:

  • $50 a month for a minimum of 10,000 page impressions per month. Based on current web traffic your ad will be seen by an even larger number of readers, and if they do you pay nothing extra for the month.
  • Two month minimum commitment
  • You can provide artwork meeting our pixel dimensions, or for $75 we will prepare a professional looking advertisement for you (but admittedly we are not graphic designers!).

Graphics Requirements:

We are going with a Henry Ford model of advertising options… simple and consistent choices; one size image for desktop and one size image for mobile.

  • Desktop: 728×90 (pixels)
  • Mobile: 310×100 (pixels)

If you are providing the digital images and they match the pixel sizes, we will happily set up the ads to run on the web site at no extra cost

Graphic Design: We can create the two web ads for you at a cost of $75. They will be attractive and professional (see examples), but we aren’t full graphic designers… keep that in your expectations!

Shared Ads – Google and other: To be clear, we are also presenting Google Ads on the website in the header and article content. Also, your ad will not be the only local advertisers on the site, as we will be rotating advertisements. This provides an interesting variety of ads to the readers, and the important thing is that we make sure you get the ad impressions you signed up for!

Reach out to us if you want to advertise with!

If you are interesting in advertising on 42Freeway or want more information, reach out to us here on the Contact Page, or message us at the 42Freeway Facebook page! is part of the Skyzlmt LLC Media Family. All checks should be written to Skyzlmt LLC

Sample Ads That We Created