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Rally House Opens Friday in Deptford

Rally House Opens Friday in Deptford
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A new Rally House specialty sports store opens in Deptford NJ on Friday November 3rd.  

Rally House puts a big focus on sports apparel such as team jerseys, T-shirts and caps, but they also feature gifts, home decor and other merchandise representing all of the major sports leagues and players.

They are located at the Court at Deptford shopping center, very close to Hobby Lobby. Also in this center are Burlington, Ross, Red Lobster, Olive Garden and more. (see below)

Rally House sports merchandise store opens Friday Nov 3rd in Deptford NJ

In the South Jersey marketplace Rally House currently have stores open in Cherry Hill and Mount Laurel (relocated recently from Moorestown), and Deptford will be the first location for a Rally House in Gloucester County.

I first wrote about the plans for the Deptford store back in July, and on that Facebook share I was genuinely surprised about how many positive comments folks had to say about Rally House… and the excitement they had for the plans to open in Deptford.

  • Love that place!! Always have cool stuff !
  • always come out with something
  • Yay!! Love rally house
  • It’s your city. It’s your house.
  • That is great news to hear.Now I don’t have to go to Moorestown.
  • Looking forward to it! Yes !!!!
  • Awesome! I love Rally House!
  • Looking forward to it!
  • “Lower” South Jersey was a glaring hole on their footprint, this is a solid addition.
  • rallly house rallyyyy house

Honestly I’ve written over 1,000 articles here at 42Freeway and the reception that readers gave to the Rally House Deptford store announcement… it was near the top in regards to positive comments!

E A G L E S EAGLES!!! Rally House sports merchandise store opens Friday Nov 3rd in Deptford NJ

Literally not one negative comment… well except those talking about the commercial jingle song. ha!

Any Philadelphia area sports fan is familiar with the Rally House commercials and jingle, particularly Phillies fans where Rally House was on heavy rotation…. Raalllllyyyy House.  Ralllly House!

I got word from a loyal 42Freeway reader earlier today that they saw a lot of activity going on in the store this morning, so I stopped in to find out that they open tomorrow, Friday November 3rd

I could see a lot of employees in the store and merchandise filled the shelves, and I thought “oh they are opening very soon!”

Rally House “Local Stuff” in Deptford NJ

The front door was unlocked and I popped in for about 45 seconds… long enough to ask permission to take a couple photos and possibly share them on the Internet!

The team at the Deptford Rally House were nice enough to allow me to take a photo so that I could share at my websute

I don’t think they made a connection to 42Freeway, but someone did say as I walked out “We trust you!”

Now if you’re going to ask me details about what teams were represented “My husband is a big Steelers fan!”, well I don’t fully know the depth of the inventory, but I can tell you the store inventory significantly leaned to the Philadelphia sports teams, based on the colors of merchandise on the shelves.

Just looking at my photos here you can see… half the store was Eagles green, one fourth was Phillies red, and then Flyers orange and black, and the Sixers were in the back corner.

Phillies, Flyers, Sixers and more… at Rally House Deptford NJ

So as I was walking back to my car a woman came running after me to chat a little bit further…  saying she’s a regional manager based out of Pennsylvania and wasn’t familiar with my site. She then went on to say “one of our new employees said that they knew to come and apply at our new Deptford store because of your coverage at 42 freeway!”

Sweet! Nice save Rally House. The Phillies could use you in the closer role next year.

It appears this weekend (and likely the next several) are treated as “regular” store days as employees get familiar with the merchandise and systems. A true soft-opening.

Rally House does have Grand Opening events, but it seems they can be held several weeks or even months after the actual first store opening.

As an example, last year for a triple new Philadelphia area store Grand Opening weekend, one of the locations opened in July and the Grand Opening celebration was in mid-September.

Five Below – Deptford

I hope the folks at Rally House don’t mind sharing a bit of their big news space here at 42Freeway with another new business… but its all just more reasons for folks to hop in their cars and pop over to check things out!

So also opening in the same shopping center (just a few weeks ago) is a new Five Below. Yes it is the second Five Below location in Deptford… and both are open.

Also opened recently at the Court at Deptford, is a new Five Below store!

So if you’re going to make the trip over to the new Rally House this weekend, you now have two reasons to head to Deptford.

Well honestly there are a lot of reasons to visit the Court at Deptford.. it really is a premium shopping center.

It’s interesting to me that my almost 10 years with 42Freeway coincides with the Court at Deptford transforming itself from a forgotten beat-up center, into a powerhouse destination center.

Deptford Launch Trampoline
Deptford Launch Trampoline – Court at Deptford

Even with retail stores and shopping centers suffering from sales decline the Court at Deptford has added some really serious retail names to the roster… from Ross to Burlington, Hobby Lobby, Kirkland, Shoe Carnival, Ashley Furniture, Normans Hallmark, Launch Trampoline, Phenix Salons,… and coming soon is a K-pot buffet!

And then factor in the Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Chuck E Cheese… you may be able to do all of your holiday shopping in this one center and then head across the parking lot for an adult beverage, and a Tour of Italy dinner platter.

Rally House
Court at Deptford
1500 Almonesson Road
Deptford NJ, 08096

1 856-316-7586