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Washington Twp new Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale Store

Washington Twp new Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale Store
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Dick’s Sporting Goods has opened a Warehouse Sale store in the Sewell section of Washington Township, at the “Edge Fitness” Cross Keys Place shopping center located at Tuckahoe Rd. and the Cross Keys Bypass.

The Dick’s Warehouse Sale Store has moved into the former Bed, Bath and Beyond store, in a large unit located between Old Navy and the Michael’s craft store.

I visited the new location on Thursday, which was the day after their Wednesday grand opening

This is an exciting new store opening for the area but to be very clear this is not a traditional full Dick’s Sporting Goods location like the one in the Deptford Mall.

That being said, it seems many are very happy with the Warehouse Sale store selection and prices based on comments at my 42Freeway shares at the Facebook Page!

The Warehouse Sale Stores are a separate retail effort for the Dick’s Sporting Goods brand, where at the Warehouse Sale locations they sell discounted athletic wear, footwear and some related products in a very simple, lower budget implementation store setup.

Their website claims you can save up to 70% of top athletic brands… with a focus on a product mix mostly featuring apparel and footwear, with just a very small amount of athletic equipment.

You will not find golf clubs, you will not find tennis rackets, you will not find baseball bats or basketballs.

The goal is to offer consumers quality apparel and footwear merchandise from a variety of brands…  at heavily discounted prices.

For this grand opening weekend through Sunday November 12th, they are offering an online coupon where you get $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale Store Sewell

So as I mentioned this Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale outlet is a lower budget store implementation, focused on offering discounted athletic apparel and shoes… with very little fitness equipment available, if at all.

The idea for the store is to offer a discounted shopping experience utilizing unused retail space, in a barebones store design.

The origins of the store, and it’s name being “Warehouse Sale”.. is that as the full traditional Dick’s Sporting Goods stores around the country (or online) need to close-out product inventory that is in the warehouse, they can move the merchandise into the Warehouse Sale stores.

Consider a scenario where Dick’s carries a line of sneakers and a design is being discontinued… at some point Dick’s Sporting Goods is going to end up with a smaller quantity of random shoe sizes, and it may just make more sense to ship the products over to the Warehouse Sale Store locations and discount them heavily for a quick sale!

And with the number of closed retailers in the country leading to empty store spaces, Dick’s has been able to identify excellent retail locations with seemingly favorable lease terms.

It likely helps that Dick’s Warehouse Sale Stores are a barebones implementation and do not require significant remodeling. Mostly they are simply bringing merchandise racks and products in, along with some flooring upgrades.

My understanding is that these leases are negotiated in a way that they are initially for shorter-term through a single holiday season, and then based on store sales they will decide if the lease should be extended through the full year and next season.

As an example, last September I wrote about the Cherry Hill Dick’s Warehouse Sale location which had then just opened.

At that time, store staff was very clear about saying they had a six month lease with an option to extend it.  The Cherry Hill location did remain open beyond last year’s holiday season, and was open for all of 2023 and into this holiday shopping season.

With a focus on apparel and footwear, Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale Stores feature eight different product categories… all of them are “things you wear” such as apparel, footwear, and clothing accessories.

New items can arrive each week from a variety of those sources, so you may consider visiting multiple times in the shopping season.

I visited the day after they opened the Sewell store, and it looked very well organized with product presented very clearly on the racks and shelving.

As mentioned this is a very bare bones store. It’s literally just the four walls and product racks.

The store is organized into sections such as Men’s and Women’s Clothing, children’s clothes, some athletic products, and even a Fan Shop!

And while I am downplaying it a bit, they do carry a small amount of other products… I found a Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville pool float!

Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale Store – Sewell
SEWELL, NJ 08080

Phone: 412-240-9987