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Rally House Sports Apparel is Open at Gloucester Premium Outlets Blackwood

Rally House Sports Apparel is Open at Gloucester Premium Outlets Blackwood
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Rally House sports apparel is open in the Gloucester Premium Outlets in Blackwood, NJ… taking over a large unit between Aeropostale and American Eagle Outfitters.

This is the 16th Philadelphia area location for the retailer, and the second recently opened Rally House for the “42Freeway Area” with another location opened in Deptford last Fall. A location is also planned for the Deptford Mall!

I stopped in today at the new Gloucester Premium Outlet location in Blackwood which is situated between Route 42 and the Black Horse Pike.

Featuring sports apparel from all of our local teams, as well is interesting merchandise such as mugs, flags and even pet merchandise… the new Rally House location will likely surprise you!

Simply… the new store is larger than I expected! And it’s fully stocked with all of the latest and greatest Philadelphia area sports apparel and merchandise.

The significant majority of the store is focused on the four major Philadelphia teams: Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, Sixers… even the Union! The section in the center reserved for local universities including Temple, Villanova, Rutgers and Penn State.

Rally House Gloucester Outlets also features a section in the front with Philadelphia themed apparel and merchandise… the Love Statue logo on mugs, or sweatshirts with Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell on the front.

Rally House seems to have already grasped the Philadelphia fan mentality… on the same display rack they have a Can Koozie saying “I Love Philly” and also a 3 by 5 flag next to it stating “Philly vs Everybody”!

I would imagine that as the season change, Rally House moves merchandise around..  Likely rotating the Eagles and Phillies at the front of the store for example.

So with that being said, Immediately after that front Philadelphia section, starts the Phillies merchandise including a large offering of baseball caps along the right side wall.

Immediately behind the Phillies is a section for the Sixers (in the center of the store) and then the back right corner is allocated to Flyers merchandise.

The Eagles are off to the left as is the checkout cash register and fitting room. Universities are located in the center aisle in the rear,

Rally House Outlets : Questions & Answers

There are two questions that I think people will ask about this new Rally House location!

Other Teams?  In my walk around Rally House Gloucester Outlets today I only saw Philadelphia based teams… which you can see for yourself in my photos.

So the good news is… No Cowboys, Giants or Mets merchandise! Ha!

I noticed the outside signage adds “Philadelphia” to the logo. I haven’t visited enough Rally Houses to know if there are some stores that do carry other teams in a metro area, or by putting “Philadelphia” in the front signage are they clearly stating that you’re only going to find Philadelphia merchandise here?

Pricing? The second question I think people are gonna ask is, since it’s located in the outlets… “are there pricing deals similar to what you would experience in other outlet stores?”

That answer is No. It is primarily a traditional Rally House store.  I asked the staff about this and they said there may be some occasional discount sales, but it’s not an Outlet Store offering regular strong discounts.

That being said they have an amazing selection of apparel and merchandise for the Philadelphia based teams!

Links and Location

Rally House – Now OPEN!
Gloucester Premium Outlets
100 Premium Outlets Drive
Blackwood, NJ 08012

Gloucester Premium Outlets