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Court At Deptford: Mochi Tea Signed-On, K-Pot Still Coming, Burlington To Reconfigure

Court At Deptford: Mochi Tea Signed-On, K-Pot Still Coming, Burlington To Reconfigure
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The Court at Deptford on Almonesson Road will soon be welcoming Mochi-Tea. Meanwhile the previously announced K-Pot Korean BBQ appears to be getting closer to starting their build-out.

Also as part of Burlington Store’s move to a smaller store footprint, the originally larger Burlington space will be split in half down the middle… along with a significant front facade change.

This news comes after recent openings of brand new Five Below, Rally House and Phenix Suites.

The shopping center also features Hobby Lobby, Party City, Shoe Carnival and longtime tenant restaurants Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Chuck E Cheese.

Ten years ago the Court at Deptford was a bit rundown with many vacancies when Burlington Coat Factory signed on… which also lead to shopping center facade upgrades.  Soon the upgrades in tenants and design lead to a string of new high-quality tenant signings, completely revitalizing the center.


Mochi-Tea “Coming Soon” signage is up in the front glass of the unit next to Kirkland’s in a unit that was previously Cherry Blow Dry.

Not a lot of information is available on Mochi-Tea brand, but the signage lists their offerings as; Bubble Tea, Cream Puffs, and Mochi Donuts.

Mochi Donuts are a fast growing category of Asian based treats moving across America… which are a hybrid blend of Japanese Mochi chewy treats, and American style donuts.  Online histories say the mochi donut pairing was developed in Hawaii in the 1990s.

Mochi is a rice based dough used to make squishy soft treats.. and using it in the Mochi Donut dough makes for a light and airy donut.  The dough is fried which gives it a more crispy outer shell with a light and softer center.

I’ve tried a few brands of mochi donuts in my 42Freeway coverage and to me it has an airy texture and taste to the classic American funnel cake.

Mochi Donuts are typically a delicious vanilla base but then flavored with many choices of flavored icings and toppings.

K-Pot Korean BBQ & Asian Hot Pot

42Freeway first wrote about the plans for a BYOB Deptford location of K-Pot Korean BBQ back in July 2023, to be developed at the right end unit which was previously Pier One.

And then nothing has happened.  I reached out over the last few weeks/months to several contacts for the Shopping Center and K-Pot but did not get a reply.

In my visit this weekend though I can see a fresh new construction permit in the window…  Dated last month, February 26, 2024

The computer generated window permit clearly lists “Change Of Use Commercial Fit Out @K-Pot Korean BBQ”

So while I don’t have opening timelines, it seems to be a solid indicator that they are still planning on opening.

If you are unfamiliar with Korean BBQ and Asian Hot Pot.. well I visited their South Philly location (which featured a full bar) and wrote about it in July so you can read more there.

KPOT Korean BBQ Coming To Deptford
KPOT Korean BBQ Coming To Deptford

But in summary… Korean BBQ is where each table is outfitted with a center hotplate bowl and everyone gets to cook their own meal right at the table!

K-Pot offers a variety of ingredients including chicken, beef, seafood (shrimp) and vegetables.. as well as many choices of saucues.

It’s a fun way for family and friends to dine together as the shared social cooking experience is certain to make for interactive conversations and laughs!

And Hot Pot?  Similar idea but uses a pot filled with broth.

KPOT Korean BBQ South Philly
KPOT Korean BBQ South Philly

Burlington Store – Retrofit

The Burlington Coat Factory for Deptford opened 10 years ago, at the time yhey were building larger stores…60,000 sq ft for Almonesson Rd.

A few years ago they changed up their business model, targeting smaller stores.. which they said would allow them to open many more locations! 

With the Deptford location of Burlington Store having a much large space allocated to them, a few years they installed temporary barrier walls which positioned the store and inventory to the front.

Well now it seems that smaller interior space will be made permanent, but in a different configuration.

The Court At Deptford leasing documents show that the large unit will be split down the middle into two separate units, via a divider wall. This will also likely require significant interior upgrades to accommodate bathrooms and other aspects for the two separate units.

Burlington would take over the right-most split unit and position them directly next to Ross.

Additionally the marketing flyer shows an architect rendering of a new front entrance/facade to be developed in this segment to support the two distinct entrances.

At this time the newly created space on the left half is available for lease.

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