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Esporta Fitness Somerdale and Woodbury Heights Close April 1st

Esporta Fitness Somerdale and Woodbury Heights Close April 1st
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The large Esporta fitness gyms in Somerdale and Woodbury Heights NJ close tomorrow April 1st at 2pm. Esporta is owned by LA Fitness who is also closing their Franklin Mills Philadelphia location the same day.

Unaffected by this news are other area Esporta locations such as Glassboro, Turnersville and Marlton… they will remain open.

Parent company LA Fitness is a private company and has no requirements to disclose closings, reasonings for them, number of stores or company financials.   So I could find no statements regarding the closures.

Recent official online marketing websites state that LA Fitness has over 550 locations.  So it could be argued that a few location closings when there are many hundreds of locations is completely normal.

That being said a 2022 press release from LA Fitness stated at the time they had over 700 locations…  which based on their own location counts would show a drop of 150 locations in just two years.

A quick scan of recent national news coverage shows that on April 1st they are also closing fitness locations in Morgan Park Chicago, Rockville MD and Bellevue KY.

Also, just a few days ago a Bristol CT location closed.    In January an LA Fitness location in the Easton Area of Pennsylvania closed

Esporta Somerdale and Woodbury Heights New Jersey

The Esporta brand of fitness centers are owned by the LA Fitness company, and in fact our area locations were originally developed as LA Fitness gyms.

Four years ago they rebranded the South Jersey gyms as Esporta so that they could be positioned more inline against lower price competitors such as Planet Fitness… Esporta was looking to offer a premium gym experience at a more reasonable price.

That change seems to indicate a competitive gym marketplace for South Jersey, which is further proven by the closing of the two South Jersey locations; Woodbury Heights and Somerdale.


The Somerdale location is within the CooperTown Center at the White Horse Pike and Evensham Roads…  the same center as Cinemark Movies.  Walmart is also in the extended plaza.

The Woodbury Heights Esporta is located on Mantua Pike (Route 45) which is a busy commercial district featuring Hollywood Café, Giant Fitness and an upcoming Sprouts Grocery.

A few weeks ago members of the Somerdale and Woodbury Heights NJ locations were notified that their clubs will be closing Monday April 1st at 2:00 PM.

Flyers hang on the front door entrances of both locations announce the closings, as well as suggest the nearest club that members should consider.

Somerdale members are being directed to Marlton, and Woodbury Heights members are being directed to Glassboro.   Of course Turnersville Esporta is still open and sits somewhat between the two locations so that may be an options.

Members whose “home” club are closing will have their membership upgraded so that they can use any of the company’s fitness centers (check with LA Fitness/Esporta for specific details)

Many readers are likely asking “well who’s moving in?”… and unfortunately at this time that answer is likely “No One”.. well for now.

Each of the two locations have about 45,000 square feet of space, and both of them are currently listed online as Available For Lease. Somerdale , Woodbury Heights (PDF)

Feinberg & McBurney Lease listing for the Esporta Woodbury Heights Location (PDF)

I have to explain this a lot when stores close that most times it’s all about the existing store closing for their own financial or other reasons… and there is no new tenant lined up to come in.

Honestly in 10 years of writing 42Freeway the only time I’ve seen a clear swap take of retailers place was when The Dump closed in Turnersville a few years ago, with At Home immediately set to take over that building (after some remodeling)

For the two closing Esporta gyms I would expect that the two buildings would attract attention from the fitness gym industry as both properties include indoor swimming pools and whirlpool spas, workout equipment areas, basketball courts, group fitness areas, and Woodbury Heights even lists racquetball.

You would think that another fitness club would be able to just come in and put their signage on the front and reopen!   But again there is ZERO information related to anyone having interest, and both properties are listed as Available For Rent.

Links and Locations

Esporta Somerdale (Closing April 1st)
711 Evesham Ave E Ste 1A,
Somerdale, NJ 08083

Esporta Woodbury Heights (Closing April 1st)
1006 Mantua Pike
Woodbury, NJ 08097