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“At Home” Store Coming to Washington Township’s The Dump Location (Leasing Company Site).

“At Home” Store Coming to Washington Township’s The Dump Location (Leasing Company Site).
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The massive At Home home decor store is coming to Rt 42’s The Dump location, based on the website for leasing company Urban Edge Properties.  A 42Freeway reader gave us the tip, and some quick research which started with Google street maps to get the leasing company’s name, lead us to the center’s page where “At Home – Coming Soon” is prominently displayed.

This would also mean that The Dump on Route 42…. would not be at this location (eventually) to make room for the new At Home store.   No official word from The Dump, yet.

If you aren’t familiar with the At Home stores… this is a MAJOR WIN for Washington Township, as these stores are massive at around 90-120,000 sq feet, and will be a big draw for shoppers from a far distance.  Simply…people will drive out of their way to visit, and along the way hopefully visit other stores and restaurants on the Black Horse Pike.  There is currently an At Home store in Cherry Hill behind the Cherry Hill Mall, located in the former Pathmark.   Consider that.. a home decor store the size of a Pathmark Supermarket, or The Dump!!   You can make comparisons to the Hobby Lobby home decor section… it’s just At Home is just bigger.  Much bigger.  The selection is enormous.

Urban Edge Properties Updated Site Plan

I’ve been to the Cherry Hill store a couple times and had thought about posting an experience post.  While I never did that post, luckily I took a bunch of photo so you can get a sense of what is coming.\

Media sources list the Cherry Hill location at 90,000 square feet which coincidentally is the exact same size of The Dump building.

At this time the story is so new we have no solid information on timing.   I don’t believe there is any published information on The Dump closing timeline.

At Home (Future location in The Dump Building)
5700 Rt 42
Turnersville NJ 08012

At Home (Cherry Hill)
979 Church Rd
Cherry Hill NJ 08002