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Deptford Anytime Fitness Closing Before End of February

Deptford Anytime Fitness Closing Before End of February
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In a comment on their Facebook page, Deptford’s Anytime Fitness says they are closing their Hurfville Road gym before the end of February.   The gym sits in front of the Deptford Home Depot, and opened in the spring of 2017, as reported here at 42Freeway.

We’ve seen the signs…

We had noticed about 6-9 months ago that the property was being advertised for lease.  We also noticed a banner hanging in the Village Pub Shopping Center (Washington Twp) that a new location was coming there (oddly very close to Deptford), but the Deptford page now says that Sewell location will not be happening.  The Sewell banner was still in place on Saturday when I stopped by.

We’ve asked the Deptford location folks via social media if another gym is slated to take over the space, but they have not responded.


It seems the owners of the Deptford location are also the proprietors at the Williamstown location.  The Deptford gym should continue to be staffed during the day for any questions, but if not the Williamstown location can be tried.

Mark from 42Freeway lives in this area and was happy to have the gym in the neighborhood, and is very sad to see it go.  Unfortunately competition is tough in the area, and soon after the opening of this Deptford Anytime Fitness in 2017, the much larger Edge Fitness also opened in Deptford further increasing the competition.    Recently, a few miles up the road the Virtua gym in Washington Township also closed.

Deptford Anytime Fitness
1360 Hurfville Rd
Deptford NJ 08096

Williamstown Anytime Fitness
1041 Glassboro Rd
Willaimstown NJ 08094