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New Shoprite Development for Former Blackwood K-Mart Building Approved

New Shoprite Development for Former Blackwood K-Mart Building Approved
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First reported at 42Freeway over two years ago, an all-new ShopRite Supermarket was approved last month, to be developed in the former Kmart building on Blackwood-Clementon Rd in the Cherrywood Shopping Center.

42Freeway has reviews the blueprints for the planned new ShopRite of Cherrywood, and if you’ve been to their recently remodeled Glassboro location you’ll have a good sense of what’s in store for Blackwood…  as the layout seems very similar!

If you haven’t visited the Glassboro Shoprite it really is a beautiful store, as is the new Woolwich location. When the Shoprite of Cherrywood opens, shoppers in Gloucester Township and surrounding communities are in for a real treat!

Zallie ShopRite Glassboro Remodel
Zallie ShopRite Glassboro – Similar Features Coming to Blackwood/Cherrywood

Additionally a small 7,500sf “pad site” separate building was approved for the front of the shopping center along the roadway, inline with the Wine Warehouse.  This new building was approved with a long drive-thru lane but there’s been no indications as to who any of the tenants are.

Parking lot changes will be implemented to create a defined center lane across the lot as well as other lane dividers.

Another interesting aspect to the project is a large screening and sound buffer wall was proposed as part of the project, to be developed along the back property line to separate the rear truck loading bays from the Highland Estates residential complex and Kindercare.

This Cherrywoood Shoprite will be a replacement for the existing smaller Laurel Hill location which is less than a mile up the road

Once the new ShopRite has been developed, the older Laurel Hill facility will close.  I also have some information on what is planned for that older building. This new Shoprite will have no impact on the Chews Landing location.

Originally planned as a 75,000 square foot supermarket, the final approved design has the Cherrywood Shoprite occupying the entire former K-Mart building with a first floor of 99,000 square feet and a second floor office mezzanine of 15,000 sf… for a total of 113,895 square feet!

The main first floor area of the upcoming Cherrywood ShopRite will be over 50% larger than the existing Laurel Hill location.

Both the older Laurel Hill and its replacement Cherrywood supermarket are owned by the Zallie Family Markets who operate 11 ShopRite supermarkets in South Jersey, as well as a Wine and Spirits store in West Berlin.

Zallie is in the midst of a multi-year upgrade for many of its locations. 

Last year (2023) saw the opening of a brand new store in Woolwich Township which replaced their Gibbstown store. They also completely remodeled the Glassboro location (basically an all-new store).  Zallie has also remodeled its Wine and Spirits Store in West Berlin.

Zallie ShopRite Center Square Woolwich is Open
Zallie ShopRite Center Square Woolwich

Owner Dave Zallie previously told 42Freeway that the next location in line for a remodel and upgrade is the West Deptford Shoprite on the Mantua Pike… but no details or timeline have been announced for that.

Regarding the timing for the opening of the new Cherrywood ShopRite in Blackwood, I reached out to my contacts at Zallie including owner David, but for now they are unable to provide specific details on timing.

Zallie ShopRite Glassboro Remodel
Zallie ShopRite Glassboro – – Similar Features Coming to Blackwood/Cherrywood

Zallie Shoprite of Cherrywood Blackwood-Clementon

As mentioned the new Shoprite of Cherrywood will be taking over the entire former Kmart building, although on the right side there are some existing features and small building extension which previously supported the garden center…  and they will be removed.

Sure it’s a reuse of a long-closed large retail building, but honestly it’s more like a completely new build including a dramatic change to the front façade, which will be replaced with a very attractive and interesting multi-depth front wall of brick.

Just like the Glassboro location, the entrance to Shoprite of Cherrywood will be on the left side of the supermarket, where customers will enter first into the fresh foods area which includes the large open produce space, prepared foods, deli and seafood.

Zallie ShopRite Glassboro Remodel
Zallie ShopRite Glassboro – Similar Features Coming to Blackwood/Cherrywood

Immediately to the left of the entrance will be the cafe seating area.

Going down that left wall will include all of the hot food service stands and deli. The bakery will be in the back corner of the store, and then heading along the back wall (left side) would be the fresh seafood department.

The open floor area of in this left section will be produce, and it will also include the “island” cheese and cut-fruit section.

Zallie ShopRite Glassboro Remodel
Zallie ShopRite Glassboro – Similar Features Coming to Blackwood/Cherrywoodl

While I don’t know if it’s an exact duplicate of the Glassboro floorplan, it absolutely has all of the same elements in a similar placement, including the dividing wall which separates the fresh foods/produce sections from the more traditional aisles of the supermarket (which are the right side of the space)

Along the back wall and over to the right are the fresh meat sections, and the dairy coolers in the back right corner.

And again just like Glassboro, the refrigerator and freezer units run along the the far right wall as an aisle of glass fronted units, and head back to the front of the store with a section of rows of additional refrigerator units.

ShopRite Glassboro Remodel
ShopRite Glassboro – Similar Features Coming to Blackwood/Cherrywood

The “shop from home” pick-up area is on the right side of the store, and has its own exterior entrance. It’s a smart move to separate the pickup traffic from the traditional shopping customers using the main entrance.

The back of the building will have 11 truck bays in a unique angled design which absolutely means they will be building an entire new wall for the back.  One of the bays is allocated to a trash compactor.

A very interesting part of the project is that a large “Screening and Sound Attenuation Wall” will be constructed along the entire back property line of the shopping center.

The blueprints show that behind the supermarket will be 24 feet high wall, and for the rest of the center it will be 12 feet high.

K-Mart Blackwood NJ to become ShopRite of Cherrywood
K-Mart Blackwood NJ to become ShopRite of Cherrywood

So I have to admit while I do have the plans, I did not attend the planning board meeting so I don’t know a lot of details on what this wall is about… or if there were any changes to it as a part of the planning board commentary.

As mentioned earlier a separate 7,500 square foot building was approved for the front of the parking lot and that includes a long drive through lane. At this time there is no tenants announced but if you bump into me out and about I’ll give you my best guess which is likely the same as yours.

Shoprite Laurel Hill

Once the new Shoprite of Cherrywood Supermarket is opened, the older Laurel Hill location will close.

Ever since the plans were announced two years ago for the new ShopRite, people have been asking what would become of the Laurel Hill building.

Shoprite of Laurel Hill – To be repurposed once the new Cherrywood location opens

I’ve the real estate listing for the Laurel Hill property which states the plan for the 61,000 square foot building is to convert it into a self-storage facility.

Additionally, the real estate team is looking for other tenants for the property. With the reduce parking needs for a self-storage facility, the large parking areas are available for additional development.

I’ll be following along and reporting as this exciting new Supermarket development progresses!

Links and Locations

ShopRite of Cherrywood Plaza (Approved)
1468 Blackwood Clementon Rd
Clementon, NJ 08021