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Bubble Bear Tea is Coming to the Deptford Mall Food Court.

Bubble Bear Tea is Coming to the Deptford Mall Food Court.
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Bubble Bear Tea is a modern bubble tea concept, and they are coming soon to the Deptford Mall.

They expect to open this fall for the holiday shopping season in the second level food court… taking over a location which was most recently a Subway sandwich location, directly next to Master Wok.

Hat-tip to a loyal 42Freeway reader who was in the mall food court recently and saw the construction barriers in place (feature nice graphics announcing the upcoming boba tea store)… and reached out to me.

Boba/bubble tea has become a hot new drink concept in the United States and I’ve covered several different brands opening stores in the area, in the last few years.

The drinks have grown into several variations but the core aspect is they are blend tea with; milk, fruit and fruit juices. Then they add tasty tapioca pearls and shake vigorously.

Tapioca pearl is an edible translucent ball produced from tapioca, a starch made from the cassava root.  They’re about the size of a blueberry, and while they have a solid exterior they’re a little bit of a gentle rubbery texture to them.

Bubble Bear Tea is coming to the Deptford Mall Food Court!

Bubble Bear USA

The Bubble Bear USA website lists that they have one other location in New York, and they do clearly list the Deptford Mall location as coming soon.

They were founded in Long Island New York in 2022 by an Asian-American opened their first location in Long Island when they realized there wasn’t a large population of Asian culture in that area.

The owner decided to introduce people of all backgrounds to bubble tea and pastries that have been a large part of the Asian childhoods for generations.

Bubble Bear Tea imports premium tea leaves directly from Taiwan, and each recipe goes through extensive quality testing to make sure it’s the best flavor and ingredients for the customers.

The website also lists that they are looking to hire people for the Deptford location.

You can send your resume to and in the subject line write: Deptford Mall, NJ

Our company is seeking a passionate and energetic boba barista to join our team. The ideal candidate is a multi-tasker who has experience working in a fast-paced environment and enjoys interacting with customers. Our barista should have experience working in a busy setting, and should be prepared to speak to customers about our drinks and pastries. 

Bubble Bear Tea – Hiring boba barista for the Deptford Mall. Email at:

Bubble Bear Tea Menu

The online menu for Bubble Bear Tea (which was likely created for the New York store) features a variety of teas in categories such as milk, fruit, matcha latte, and lemonade.

They also offer a variety of specialty drinks and slushies.

Flavors include strawberry, mango, passion fruit, peach… as well as a variety of toppings.

Bubble Bear Tea is coming to the Deptford Mall Food Court! (Image: Bubble Bear Tea)

While some of the commentary at the Bubble Bear Tea website references pastries in multiple places of the site, the current menu online does not list any of the pastries.

For the upcoming Deptford location, remodeling is taking at the food court unit and they state Opening Fall of 2023″ I don not have any solid details on the date beyond that, but I would imagine they’re going to work as hard as they possibly can to be open for the lucrative holiday shopping season…  and I’ll be back when they open

Bubble Bear Tea (Coming Fall 2023)
Deptford Center Rd Space #F001
Deptford, NJ 08096