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The Pierogie Place is Coming To Rowan Boulevard This Spring

The Pierogie Place is Coming To Rowan Boulevard This Spring
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The Pierogie Place will be opening a new location this spring in the Rowan Boulevard complex in Glassboro New Jersey. This is their third South Jersey location, with the other two in Wildwood and Ocean City.

The new Rowan location is located at the North end of Rowan Boulevard close to 7-Eleven and Playa Bowl. The location of Pierogie Place was at one time Ricci’s Hoagies.

The menu at The Pierogie Place is very focused yet unique…. simply Pierogies! With two simple menu paths…. Sweet or savory!

The Pierogie Place Coming To Rowan Boulevard Glassboro – Spring 2022

They serve a traditional pierogie that has a handmade style and taste. They are a filled dumpling that is folded over a delicious filling. Thin and tender dough outside, with generous and delicious fillings inside.

Their pierogies are trans-fat free, and they are cooked with the boil method (as opposed to frying).

Pierogies are a staple food in large parts of Europe, and are typically associated with Polish or Ukrainian cuisine.

Mark from 42Freeway has tried both the savory and sweet variations at the original Wildwood New Jersey location… and they are unique and delicious! Definitely a change from the traditional boardwalk food options, and should prove to be very popular on the Rowan campus.

The Pierogie Place’s first location was the Wildwood Boardwalk in 2020. Now they are ready for a THIRD location!

The Pierogie Place: Sweet or Savory!

As we hinted at, the menu is not very large at the Pierogie Place as they operate under the “Do one thing, and do it right” mantra!

The most traditional pierogie style would be the Potato and Cheese, and if you aren’t familiar with a pieorgie. this variety would be the perfect place to start!

Beyond that, also in the savory category are:

  • Potato & Cheese
  • Potato & Onion
  • Potato & Cheddar
  • Potato & Jalapeno Cheddar
  • Potato & Bacon Cheddar
  • Potato & Sauerkraut

I think a sour cream topping is the most popular choice for these savory options, but they also offer 7 total topping choices including butter, spicy chili garlic sauce, carmelized onions and more!

In the sweet category of Pierogie Place offerings, are delicious dessert-like choices;

  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Sweet Cheese

The sweet options offer toppings such as sweet cream, fresh berries or powdered sugar.

Traditional Potato and Cheese Pierogie, with Sour Cream. From the Wildwood location in 2020.

The Pierogie Place Story!

Dan and Liz Kulchyckyj have three children, are of Ukranian decent but grew up in America,

For many years they were an American family who ate pierogies regularly as part of their family’s meals. With two children born in the US the family eventually went back to the Ukraine for work opportunities… where they lived for 20+ years!

In 2020 with the Covid crisis growing, the “expat” Family came back to America and eventually decided they were going to stay here.

In an excellent article at the Ocean City Patch, Liz explains the challenges they faced when then came back to the USA for a 2 week stay.

“We could not get back. We were supposed to be here for two weeks and we literally were here for seven months,” Liz said. Uncertain as to when they would be able to return home, and with boundless time suddenly on their hands, they decided there was no better time to open their pierogi shop.

The Patch – Ocean City Aug 10, 2021

The timing was perfect for them to pursue their dream of opening a pierogie restaurant, and they chose the Wildwood boardwalk at the Jersey Shore!

The next year they opened a second location on the Ocean City Boardwalk, and of course Rowan will be the third location.

The Pierogie Place joins a foodies destination complex which features a huge number of options including; Mexican Mariachi, Oishii Ramen, Dawn to Dusk Cafe, Chickie and Pete’s, LaScala’s Fire, Cookie Munchers, Playa Bowl, Kung Fu Tea, Alumni Grill, Lucy’s Ice Cream and more!

Coming Soon! Pierogie Place Rowan University Glassboro. Close to 7-Eleven and Play Bowl on the Boulevard.

Links and Location

The Pierogie Place – Rowan Boulevard
320 Rowan Boulevard
Glassboro NJ 08028

Opening Spring 2022!



Locations also on the boardwalks of Wildwood and Ocean City!