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Glassboro Welcomes Two Ramen Restaurants: Oishii Ramen at Rowan and Rayaki on Delsea

Glassboro Welcomes Two Ramen Restaurants: Oishii Ramen at Rowan and Rayaki on Delsea
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Remember when Pho was all the rage?  Well it seems Ramen is the next wave, and Glassboro welcomes TWO ramen focused restaurants! 

On Rowan Boulevard, Oishii Ramen just opened in the last few weeks, and a few weeks before that Rayaki opened on Delsea Drive in the stores alongside Shoprite.

Oishii is focused solely on Ramen, and Rayaki offers Ramen, Robatayaki and a few other options.

Oishii Ramen

42Freeway stopped in at Oishii Ramen last weekend for a late lunch.

Our expertise with ramen starts and ends with the Maruchan dry noodle ramen sold in all of the grocery stores, and Oishii would be our first REAL ramen.

Ramen is a large bowl soup with noodles made from wheat flour (pho is rice flour).

Ramen is served in a meat, vegetable or occasionally a fish based broth, and like other soups… added to the noodles are a variety of ingredients from sliced pork, vegetables, eggs and more.

At Rowan’s Oishii Ramen I tried the Spicy Miso Ramen which was a house made pork broth seasoned with miso, gochujang paste, ajitsuke tamago… aaah… corn, eggs, bamboo, scallions and a few more delicious things that i have no idea what they were, ha!

My server said it was spicy, but actually it wasn’t overly spicy… until I decided to get adventurous and add the hot oil that was on the table.  WOOO WEEEEE!

The soup was served with a large ladle spoon and of course chopsticks.  

I actually asked “Am I doing this right?”.   Honestly I liked eating with the large ladle spoon.

I can hold my own with chopsticks, and sure… I also used my fingers.

The pork pieces were delicious!  Well it all was.

Also in the bowl were one or two balls of fish, and a colorful soft disc that was white with bright pink zig-zags in it. That was also fish… and damn I wish I had grabbed a photo of it!

I really enjoyed the Ramen soup and plan on heading back with the family.

Oishii ramen is located on Rowan Blvd down at the “Circle” side across from the hotel and between Yogo Factory and Pizza Hut.

I can’t locate a Facebook page or website, but I found they are on Yelp and it currently indicates hours to 9:30pm

Oishii Ramen
312 Rowan Blvd
Glassboro NJ 08028

Rayaki Ramen and Robatayaki

Over on Delsea Drive in the Shop-Rite shopping center, Rayaki opened in at the end of 2020.

It seems this was Yoho Asian Bistro previously, and reimaged itself as a Ramen restaurant… and more.

A look at their website shows this is their third location, with the other two in Cherry Hill and Edison.

While we didn’t get a chance to check out Rayaki, they have a beautiful website featuring photos of many of their dishes.

Now sure they have Ramen.

But the first grouping listed on their menu is Robatayaki. 

I had no idea… until I just googled it.

Robata is a method of cooking over varying degrees of hot coals.

Hmmmm… this sounds like something I want to experience.

Well Rayaki, I hope to be visiting soon!

166 William Dalton Drive
Glassboro NJ, 08028