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Mexican Mariachi Grill Rowan Glassboro Opens! Photos!

Mexican Mariachi Grill Rowan Glassboro Opens!   Photos!
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Mexian Mariachi GrillOn Thursday the long-awaited Mexican Mariachi Grill opened on the now bustling Rowan Boulevard.  42 Freeway stopped in Friday for dinner and margaritas.  Yes, I said Margaritas, as this new Mexican eatery features a full liquor license, making it the second adult beverage spot on the Boulevard, just a few doors down from Chickie and Pete’s.  The long loved Landmark restaurant and bar is also in relatively close walking distance.

We previously wrote about their upcoming opening, and it was a VERY popular post on 42Freeway.  So let’s get this out of the way first… when all of the 42Freeway fans visit to show their love and support, please remember the eatery is just learning the ropes, staff was just trained, things are still being learned, and the number of people wanting to see the new place will be very high.  So please have patience and understanding!

Mexian Mariachi GrillThis is the family’s fourth location, and the first serving alcohol.  I learned something last night, that the other 3 locations are set-up as quick and casual eateries similar to Chipotle.  “pick your meat, pick your style”, and in the Rowan location the right side of the eatery offers that familiar setup primarily targeting the lunch crowd (my perspective).   Balancing the room on the left is the bar (which seats about 20 patrons) and a variety of seating is situated across the front.  In our evening visit the right side “build your entrée” section wasn’t manned and it was all waitress served meals.

I really like the décor… its absolutely Mexican, with really cool wooden chairs, tables and stools, beautiful artwork on the walls… but its not overdone with stucco like the old Chi-Chi’s restaurants from a long time ago. Ha!  It’s more of a rustic but modern Southwest feeling.  The restaurant is just big enough but not large… definitely bigger than the new Amato’s in Oaklyn, and probably a similar size to the front section of the nearby Chickie and Pete’s.

Mexian Mariachi GrillWe sat for a few minutes at a table, but when spots at the bar opened up, the misses and I moved over.   I’ll admit it… we’re bar people.   We’ve been to Key West a few times and never got on a boat. Ha!   We have a way of meeting people when we are just out and about so the bar is a comfortable place…  and we wanted to shorten the distance between us and getting our hands on some of the Grill’s Margaritas.  🙂

Mexian Mariachi GrillBartending last night were Rachel and Kayla.  It was amazing to me that with a very busy day… both young ladies were smiling, happy and actively chatting with us.  (Management was hoping for a slow opening, but Glassboro shared the news on their page, and Mexican Mariachi grill quickly filled up.  42Freeway will help keep it busy!).  Anyway, both Rachel and Kayla made delicious margaritas, with my wife and I trying both original and mango varieties, always “on the rocks” of course.

For dinner we had a taco platter and a chicken enchilada platter.  Delicious!!!  Oh and of course guacamole!  Served with just the right amount of spices, we can’t wait to get back and try other entrees.

We had a chance to meet Ricardo, who along with his wife and family, are the owners of the Mexican Mariachi Grill locations.  Ricardo is a super nice and genuine guy…  someone who after you meet you think “I really wish this guy a lot of success”,  His personality leans strongly towards the “Man, I don’t know how this good fortune has happened to me and my family!”.  So go check out his new restaurant, enjoy some delicious margaritas, and remember to give them some slack as they get their feet steady!

As mentioned the restaurant is located in the same building as Chickie and Pete’s (just a few doors down).  Liberty Virtual Arcade is right there, as well as an escape room.   Directly across the street is Cookie Munchers , which behind it is the parking garage.   A little tip for parking, when you find your way to the garage (entrance is closer to the Courtyard Hotel), the parking on the first level is free for 2 hours (longer with validation) and if you head to the farther side, there is a doorway to the street which is directly across from the Mexican Mariachi Grill!

We’ve also posted about Ricci’s Hoagies which is a block down, and we have more to post on Rowan Boulevard.

Just this week, the New York Times chronicled the success of Rowan, The Boulevard, and how they are working together with the town of Glassboro!

Thank you James for being a great host, and keeping up with me on the status of the restaurant!

Mexican Mariachi Grill
206 Rowan Boulevard
Glassboro, NJ 08028