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Cookie Munchers: Rowan Glassboro (Video!). It’s Spring Break Week at 42Freeway

Cookie Munchers: Rowan Glassboro (Video!).  It’s Spring Break Week at 42Freeway
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Spring Break at Rowan Boulevard

Rowan University in Glassboro is several years into a major expansion, and one of its most prominent additions is Rowan Blvd… a main street setting of stores on the ground level, and student housing above.  Recently things have really picked up in the retail sector of the area (probably driven by the addition of Chickie and Pete’s restaurant), and more stores are filling in.

Last week was Spring Break for Rowan, and 42 Freeway did a walkthrough of the stores.  We are planning on doing a series of posts over the next week or so about Rowan Boulevard and some surrounding area businesses.

Cookie Munchers

Cookie Munchers Rowan GlassboroFirst up is Cookie Munchers!!  This is an awesome recent addition to Rowan Boulevard, with a very inspiring story.  Recent Rowan graduates Brandon and Cassie started a cookie business in the university, literally starting with nothing.  They had a unique way of marketing their cookies with late night deliveries, and  very quickly the business took off!   After working out of a borrowed commercial kitchen, last year they moved into a permanent location on the Boulevard… all without any investors, but a lot of caring and helpful friends along the way.

Cookie Munchers Rowan GlassboroThe store is a colorful blend of a familiar blue style character, with a video game twist.  The cookies are delicious, baked fresh… and sold as a single one person large size!   They even offer milk to go along with the cookies.

Cassie explains that they continue to run the business without any outside investors and have been funneling profits back into the store, adding digital signs, store sign, and better equipment.

Ice Cream!

They are moving forward week by week and while they don’t seem to have thoughts of multi-store expansion (yet!), they continue to evolve the Rowan store.  Up next is…ice cream!   Another great idea for the boulevard as there aren’t any other options within walking distance for the students.

So enough of my rambling… Check out the short 4 minute video of Cassie explaining their story.   So much negativity being tossed at today’s youth (well, every generation’s youth!)… and this an awesome story!  It’s amazing to see what Cassie and Brandon have been able to achieve in such a short time.

Brandon and Cassie put a lot of their success on their advertising and marketing, and they have a webpage, facebook page, and a reality show style, “Behind the scenes” YouTube page.  Be sure to check them out!!   My video below is very informative, but for more fun from Cassie be sure to check out their YouTube.

I’ll have more stories on Rowan Boulevard this week… including an Escape room and a Virtual Reality game room opens soon.  There’s more than enough reasons to bring the family for an afternoon visit.
Cookie Munchers
217 Rowan Blvd
Glassboro, New Jersey 08028