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Inspira Health Projects for Deptford and Woodbury Approaching Completion

Inspira Health Projects for Deptford and Woodbury Approaching Completion
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Inspira is making large healthcare facility investments in Woodbury and Deptford, with big projects set to complete in the first half of this year.

For the Inspira Health Center Deptford, while the official Grand Opening date has not been set, it could open as early as next month as one of the tenants, Premier Orthopaedic Associates… is announcing their opening date for their new location in the Almonesson Road project as “Late March”.

Inspira Health Center Deptford is a multi-unit property developed across two floors in a new fully remodeled building located directly across from the Deptford Mall.

Two Inspira Health Projects are nearing completion in 2024, with the Deptford Health Center (left) likely opening in weeks, and the Woodbury ER and Behavioral Building (right) opening 2nd Qtr.

The Woodbury efforts largest focus is on new building construction located directly next to the former main hospital building (Packer and Oak),

The new modern design building (with more classic design cues) includes a Satellite Emergency Department, and a Behavioral Health Department. 

On the same extended lot a new EMS Building is being developed. Additionally, renovations have been completed to an existing Inspira medical office building.

Inspira Health Center Deptford

The Inspira Health Center Deptford building is located at 1450 Almonesson Road directly next to the Ocean State Job Lot retail store, and across the street from the popular Deptford Mall.

The building is an 80,000 square foot multi-unit medical facility developed with two floors, supporting a variety of medical specialties.  When the building opens initially they will be utilizing 62,000 square feet of the space, with the remaining 18,000 square feet reserved for a future Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Inspira Health Center Deptford – Across from the Deptford Mall

Services that will be included in the Deptford facility are:

  • Cardio Diagnostics and Cardiac Rehab
  • Cardiology
  • Imaging Center
  • Neurosciences
  • OB/GYN
  • Orthopaedics
  • Primary Care
  • Rehab Care (physical and occupational therapy)
  • Shell space for future Ambulatory Surgery Center

Not all of the medical offices within the building will be directly part of the Inspira Health System.

Premier Orthopaedic Associates for example has announced that they are opening a new office location within the building. Honestly I had seen an advertisement on social media for the new Deptford location for Premier Orthopaedic which made it clearer to me that the Inspira Deptford building was likely to open relatively soon.

Premier Orthopaedic Associates will have 11 locations in South Jersey focused on Sports Medicine, Spine Surgery, Hand and Wrist Care, Joint Replacement, Foot and Ankle Care and Pain Management.

An amazing transformation to take a block drab retail building and turn it into a vibrant and modern medical facility. Inspira Health Center Deptford

42Freeway first brought news of this project back in October of 2021, and six months later in April of 2022 Deptford Township approved the project.

With seemingly only weeks to go before the first tenants move in, the full design of the building front façade is effectively complete. It is a modern, bright and glass fronted beautiful building which looks completely brand new!

The modern grey, silver and beige building offers plenty of glass windows in the front, across two visible floors.

An angled front overhang roof canopy entrance protects visitors from the elements.. visitors who can drive their vehicles underneath the edge of the overhang.

And there are absolutely no clues or signs of the building’s former life… which was as a retail store!

An amazing transformation to take a block drab retail building and turn it into a vibrant and modern medical facility. Inspira Health Center Deptford

It was only about four years ago when this property was home to a Dick’s Sporting Goods retail store.  Dick’s has since moved across the street to the Deptford Mall, taking over a first floor location of the building which was previously part of a Sears department store.

If you consider that previously the Deptford Inspira building was a somewhat drab institutionalized, blocky building facade when it was a retail store… well compared to what it looks like today it truly is amazing what the designers and then the construction teams have put together!

Honestly I cant fathom how an architect could look at the old building and conceive this new design!

In a recent meeting with the Inspira Communications Team they shared with me that the expect a formal Grand Opening event will be scheduled for the property but a date has not been set yet.

Likely opening soon, the Inspira Health Center Deptford – Across from the Deptford Mall

Additionally, for the large Deptford commercial district surrounding the Deptford Mall, this is a big win as the project brings (well paid) non-retail workers to the Mall area, who are likely going to shop and dine at the numerous businesses around the mall.

Along with the Nemours Children’s Health facility a short distance up the road, the two large medical facilities provide a solid balance for Deptford’s business mix, which was previously very retail focused.

Inspira Health Center Deptford – Across from the Deptford Mall. Ollie’s Retail is in the distance

Inspira Woodbury Emergency Department and Behavioral Health.

The Inspira Woodbury new development project consists of several aspects, with the main effort being a two-story building featuring a 20-bed Emergency Department on the ground floor, and a 20-bed Behavioral Health Unit on the second floor.

Additionally a smaller building is being developed to the back of the property, to be home for the EMS Department.

Those two projects combined have a budget of $60 million Additionally Inspira also spent $12 million towards renovating an existing office building.

The anticipated opening date for this Woodbury project is targeted for the second quarter of 2024.

Inspira Woodbury’s upcoming Emergency Room and Behavioral Health building. Building in the far rear is the new EMS facility.

This is an amazing amount of progress for the project as it was literally two years to the day when I first shared with the readers plans for this project.

At the time, the property consisted of several buildings including a very modern radiation & oncology department building, a few older townhomes which had been previously converted into offices, a large engineering department building and several smaller medical offices along Broad St.

All of those buildings mentioned had to come down first, before they could even start the site prep on the property for the new construction!

Today the main building appears significantly completed on the exterior.

Inspira’s new EMS facility being developed as part of a larger upgrade effort at their Woodbury Campus.

Whereas the Deptford facility has a modern metal and glass front facade, the Woodbury project takes on a much more classic… almost “steampunk” style building with red brick core walls, smoked glass throughout, and black accents.

The entrance area corner facing the hospital building appears to have a 2-story glass atrium.

It’s obviously a brand new building, and it looks brand new… but then at the same time it feels like it carries an older charm to it.

The building is positioned closer to Broad Street but the parking area sits in front of the building down to Broad.

Once completed, this building will make-way for the redevelopment plans of the larger former hospital building.

Woodbury’s upcoming Emergency Room and Behavioral Unit property, just 17 months apart!

Today the two units moving into his new building are currently located within the large older hospital building directly next door.  Many older locals remember that building as the Underwood Hospital. The core hospital functionalities were relocated to the new Inspira Mullica Hill location.

Inspira and the City of Woodbury would like to redevelop the larger hospital property, and have been reviewing a variety of plans put together with the help of consultants who worked with the interested parties.

Inspira has not 100% announced what their plans will be for the larger former hospital property, but the variety of plans which have been shared over the most recent years offer many options where the former hospital building will be demolished to make room for new development.

Inspira provided rendering of possible plans for the former “Underwood” Inspira Hospital property. Hotel, research, housing and more!

In September of 2023 we published the most recent design concepts, which also included a hotel for the prime corner of Broad and Redbank Avenues, with a direct connection to the parking garage.

That being said some of the auxiliary buildings including the large parking garage are likely to remain.

More on all aspects are still to come!