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Inspira Health to Develop a Health Center at Former Dick’s Sporting Goods Property on Almonesson Rd Deptford

Inspira Health to Develop a Health Center at Former Dick’s Sporting Goods Property on Almonesson Rd Deptford
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South Jersey medical and hospital provider Inspira is partnering with Deptford Township to develop the former Dick’s Sporting Goods property into a $30 Million multi-service health center!

Last year Dick’s Sporting Goods moved across the street to the Deptford Mall, leaving their former stand-alone building empty.. which is what Inspira is looking to redevelop.

Deptford Mayor Paul Medany provided 42Freeway with the following details:

Inspira Health Center
Inspira will partner with Deptford to bring a multi service health center to the community. No start date has been set but they are targeting an early 2nd quarter start 2022.

The new 50,400 square ft building will be located in the old Dicks Sporting Goods store on Almonesson Road. The projected cost of the project will be 30 million dollars.

10 different medical uses including:
– Urology practice
– Orthopedics
– Imaging center
– Rehab care
– Inspira Cardio Diagnostics
– Inspira Medical Group
– Cooper Care Alliance
– And others

Deptford Mayor Paul Medany, to 42Freeway

Inspira will be utilizing the existing building! They will of course rebuild the entire interior of the Dick’s Sporting Goods building, and add a modern front facade to the building!

So while seemingly unexpected, a medical facility in the Mall area would benefit from existing road infrastructure and access improvements, and bring people into the shopping district who will also shop and dine in the area stores and restaurants.

The very immediate area around the mall provides access to major roadways Route 42 and 55, FOUR hotels, countless places to eat… and of course one of South Jersey’s most thriving retail areas.

Plus when the Missing Moves project is finished in Bellmawr, access will be easier from 295 South also!

Inspira would not be the first medical facility in the area. Nemours duPont opened a 63,500 sq ft pediatric medical care facility about a mile away, also on Almonesson road! And recently Bio Life Sciences opened a plasma facility nearby.

Good quality medical care is important to the immediate area around Deptford, but having the existing road infrastructure and other commercial business in the area, better enables the medical offices to support a wider South Jersey.

So it would seem that all the same reasons regarding the mall-centric location applies to both Inspira and Nemours!

An additional benefit of the medical facilities to Deptford is they bring with them higher salaries than the traditional retail salary rates.

Access to major roads, restaurants, shopping and hotels makes Deptford a great choice for many businesses

Background: Inspira and Dick’s Sporting Goods Deptford

Inspira Initial Plans in Deptford

Inspira has been interested in developing a medical center in Deptford for several years.

Back in 2016, we were the first to post that Inspira had purchased land in Deptford on Clements Bridge Road, and indications where that they wanted to build a Health Park. (Today, a small corner portion of the Clements Bridge Road property is being developed as a Wawa store.)

In December 2018 we shared siteplans for the larger Clements Bridge Road development, showing the planned Clements Bridge Road Inspira, and the Wawa.

And at one time there was a leasing advertisement online showing a beautiful artist rendering of the building. That listing seems to have disappeared.

During the last 18 months or so (over the Covid crisis) we haven’t heard any updates on Inspira’s Deptford plans.

It would appear that this new Almonesson Road project replaces the Clements Bridge Road plans. County records indicate that Inspira still owns the Clements Bridge Road property, and we have no information on their plans for that property.

I will add that I’ve heard from industry developers that Inspira actually did want to develop a full hospital on that Clements Bridge Road property, but several factors worked against the larger plans… namely wetlands on the back portion made the property too small for a full hospital. Inspira has since opened a new hospital in Mullica Hill.

Dick’s Sporting Goods (Almonesson Building)

Dick’s Sporting Goods has been a thriving tenant in the Deptford retail area for decades, with most of that time spent in a free-standing building on Almonesson Rd, directly across from the Deptford Mall.

Last August Dick’s Sporting Goods relocated into the Deptford Mall, taking over the largest part of the first floor of the former Sears store. A Round-One entertainment center took over most of the top floor of Sears.

This left Dick’s Sporting Goods former building empty… which is a prime location directly across from the mall.

Note: Old timers like myself will remember when this building was Best Products! The showcase store with upstairs warehouse!

Also, Ocean State Job Lot has taken over the large space of Toys R Us, which is located next to the Dick’s Sporting Goods building

Retail is Changing, but Deptford is still Thriving

And we all know it’s a changing retail economy as shoppers move online. Deptford is a well known retail mecca and in this changing landscape with people moving to online shopping, this introduces risks to the core commercial district and associated town tax ratables.

And for Deptford, a medical facility will bring higher paying jobs into town, which will further benefit the area.

This is one of several big changes to the Deptford Mall area recently as it stays ahead of the changing retail patterns.

Despite a really tough climate for retail and restaurants during the Covid pandemic, Deptford has seen significant new projects and businesses open up.

Deptford Mall Area Business Developments Since the Start of Covid

More to Come!

As we said, this is a breaking news story. More details to come as we learn them.

We would expect this to need Planning Board approval (possibly Zoning also), and considering they want to start development early 2022, we would expect these presentations to be scheduled over the next few months.

And there are a few more stores in the mall that I havent posted on yet. Charming Charlie is one.