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West Deptford Riverwinds Could See More Housing From Two Proposals

West Deptford Riverwinds Could See More Housing From Two Proposals
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The popular Riverwinds complex in West Deptford New Jersey may see additional housing projects developed on two prime pieces of land.

Two different developer project proposals have in the last year reached the stage where West Deptford has authorized the sale of two undeveloped lots of a combined 26+/- acres.  It does not appear those transactions have been completed as of yet.

West Deptford’s Riverwinds Complex could see more housing development (Image: Google Maps)

Riverwinds is a massive 600+ acre waterfront complex featuring a community center, indoor tennis, golf course, restaurant and housing. It’s an amazing facility, envied by many other towns!

The two proposed housing projects are for the prime peninsula area of the Riverwinds complex, where the restaurant and Community Center are located. These two proposed developments would utilize the last two remaining large parcels of undeveloped land in that peninsula.

West Deptford has been very upfront for many years about its desire to develop these properties. A 2015 Courier-Post article headline states “Riverwinds open to Anything for its remaining development”

West Deptford has been very upfront about their desire to developer two properties in the Riverwinds Complex. For Signs are at the site!

In fact, if you visit the properties today you will see several strategically placed “For Sale” signs stating the properties have already been approved for commercial, residential or mixed-use developments…  and contact information for West Deptford Township is provided on the signs.

With the designation of redevelopers for the two properties, West Deptford is saying that they have seen the initial concept proposals for the projects and are in agreement with the direction.  The Redeveloper designation is required before any contractual agreements with the town can be executed… such as property sales.

West Deptford’s Riverwinds Community Center (Image: Google Maps)

One residential project has been proposed by JS Hovnanian and Sons, for an active adult community of almost 68 units, to be developed on 12 acres of land located between the Riverwinds Community Center and the Riverwinds restaurant.

Another residential project has been proposed by the Alterra Group for 288 low-rise rental units, to be developed on 14.6 acres of waterfront land… located along the Delaware River waterfront, southwest of the Riverwinds restaurant.

Two large undeveloped parcels in this peninsula area of West Deptford’s Riverwinds, are being considered for new housing projects

This information comes from West Deptford Township documents and ordinances.

Township documents state these decisions were partly based on developer presentations of the project concepts. Unfortunately I do not have them to share with readers as my OPRA request for that information was denied by the Township.

The Riverwinds Restaurant, West Deptford NJ

I also don’t have my customary drone photo view of the property because of its close proximity to the Philadelphia airport just across the Delaware River! The FAA approvals to fly my drone in that area simply become very complex!

But I do offer some details on the proposed projects.

I do not have a full status on these two projects. My goal with this coverage is to let readers and residents know this is in the works, and I hope to have additional updates as the projects move forward (typically around key milestones)

Two housing projects proposal have been presented for West Deptford’s Riverwinds. The township has agreed to sell the properties (Image: Google Maps)

Riverwinds: J.S. Hovnanian – 68 Dwelling Units

The most recent West Deptford Township public action  for the JS Hovnanian project was just 2 months ago in December of 2023, when an ordinance was adopted authorizing the sale of an almost 12 acres of township owned property for $450,000.

Looking at county documents it does not appear that the actual sale has been completed yet.

Considering the property is part of a Township Redevelopment Zone/Plan, the ordinance/resolution was required before a contract could be executed.

The Hovnanian property is identified on tax maps as block 328, lots 7,01 and 7.10.

JS Hovnanian is interested in developing housing on this West Deptford parcel.

While it’s best to just look at my included diagram map,  I will describe the property as being located between the Riverwinds Community Center and the Riverwinds restaurant, running along the inside of the curved Eagle Point Rd.

If you’re familiar with that long and straight extended parking area between the restaurant and the Community Center, that undeveloped land adjacent to that parking is the property proposed for this humanin project.

It’s actually two lots from a tax lot perspective, with one of them just being a small cut out corner.   Combined it is almost 12 acres

The undeveloped area to the left is proposed for new housing

Factoring in the proximity of the restaurant, Community Center, and waterfront all just a very short few minutes away walk, any development on the property should be popular amongst potential tenants.

I researched this project online for any hints of a concept renderings or site plans, and so far all I can find out is they have proposed approximately 68 dwelling units in  a multifamily active adult community…. Which I would take it to mean an over 55 community

Riverwinds: Alterra Group

The most recent West Deptford Township action regarding the Alterra Group property was in April of 2023, when the Township passed an ordinance authorizing the sale of a Township owned property of 14.6 acres, for $450,000.

Even though this ordinance was passed about 10 months ago I do not see a real estate transaction and the county documents.

The Alterra property is identified in tax maps as Block 328, Lot 7.04.

The Alterra Group is interested in developing this West Deptford parcel as apartments.

Again I direct you to look at the diagram map, but i will describe this property as being a really nice waterfront location with approximately 1/3 of a mile of the property boundary running along the riverfront across two edges.

This property is located southwest of the Riverwinds Restaurant (from a map perspective), but if you’re at the ground level walking, it’s the land to the left of the restaurant,

Many West Deptford residents are familiar with this property because it is the one that has that longer looping trail which runs through the woods around the outer perimeter of the larger property, following along the river’s edge.

The wooded walking trail at Riverwinds along the river, could eventually be the perimeter border around new housing developement

If you consider there are four sides to the property and two of them are along the river, the eastern border is Eagle Point Road, and the South(east( boundary is formed by the Township athletic fields.

This project has several mentions in Township documents over the last two years, including initial sales documents back in 2022.

As of April the project was identified as 272 low-rise rental housing units.  There is no other designation provided regarding over 55 or income brackets.

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