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5 New Coffee Shops Target Spring Opening: Pitman, Barrington, Blackwood, Sewell, Riverton. Plus Many More Recaps!

5 New Coffee Shops Target Spring Opening: Pitman, Barrington, Blackwood, Sewell, Riverton. Plus Many More Recaps!
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Everyone loves a cozy local coffee shop, and this article presents five South Jersey locations that are in process of being built, two which closed recently, a half dozen or so that have opened recently, and some mentions of other coffee shops we recently covered a 42Freeway.

“how about a local coffee shop” is a very frequent request comment on Facebook, particularly when people see news of the latest car wash or dollar store being developed.

Well it seems many aspiring business owners in South Jersey were paying attention as we’ve had several awesome new coffee shops opened recently, as well as several coming soon!

Common Ground Oaklyn, NJ

Mostly this is a photo post with some quick commentary.. but I am covering so many, this goes on and on!

If you are on Facebook, feel free to comment on other more newly opened locations!

South Jersey Coffee Shops Coming Soon!

I’m currently tracking five new coffee shops, including two that I don’t think anyone has put online yet. 

Readers are going to ask “when do they open?”. Well it’s basically impossible for anyone building/remodeling a commercial project to state an opening date.  Best bet is to follow along with the businesses at their social media channels or keep an eye out at 42Freeway

Pitman : The Brewed Awakening Cafe

Pitman residents Dan and Lymari are working on the interior of their new coffee shop which will be opening on Broadway, directly across from Martini’s On Broadway (Broadway Theater).

The two-unit corner location was most recently home to Lori’s Loft.

Pitman : The Brewed Awakening Cafe

About 3 weeks ago I was in Pitman and stopped to take photos of the upcoming coffee shop, when Lymari stepped out of the door!   So I introduced myself.

She brought me inside for a quick look at the space which was being remodeled into the coffee shop.  I agreed to not take interior photos at the time.

The Brewed Awakening will occupy both of the connected units, with one space focused on the coffee counter aspect (La Colombe Coffee) and the other unit will offer customer seating and more.

The Brewed Awakening Cafe

Pitman : The Brewed Awakening Cafe

Barrington : Berri Caffeinated

Berri Caffeinated is being developed in Barrington NJ in a building located directly across from The Rail Tavern (road side), and then across the railroad tracks is the Tonewood Brewery.

The upcoming coffee shop will be a tenant in a larger redevelopment project called The Avenue, which 42Freeway wrote about back in May of 2022.

Barrington : Berri Caffeinated will be one tenant

Currently the entire building is under remodel which includes a brick face exterior, retail stores on the ground floor and an apartment on the second floor

While the exterior work is taking place, the team from Berri Caffeinated are working on the cafe shop interior.

The website says that not only would they offer a variety of hot and cold drinks, they were also be offering savory and sweet food options, including fresh Acai bowls and smoothies.

A Facebook post six weeks ago showed that they were putting the drywall up in the cafe.

Berri Caffeinated

Barrington : Berri Caffeinated will be one tenant

Sewell/Mantua: Blended Joe’s

Blended Joe’s Coffee is coming to Sewell/Mantua, sharing the building which is also home to Pizza Tower.

To be clear Pizza Tower is still remaining open, but they have a large space there and Blended Joe’s is building out their coffee shop within the same building.

The South Jersey Food Scene website was the first to the story back in November. I was planning on jumping into it the story when Blended Joe’s was getting closer to opening.

Sewell/Mantua: Blended Joe’s

Interior remodeling work has started at the Sewell property, and their January 9th update on Facebook stated that they brought in a designer to lay out and build the new coffee bar.

Blended Joe

Blackwood : Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books

Rene’s Coffeehouse and Books is coming into the historic Blackwood section along the Black Horse Pike.

42Freeway wrote about Ren’s back in November.

Ren has been working on the interior remodel of her coffee shop, and is now looking at a Spring opening.

Blackwood : Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books

Her coffee shop will feature two connected units, one focused on the coffee counter aspects and the other unit will be a bookstore and casual seating area, which will also support events.

Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books

Blackwood : Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books

Riverton – Revive Café

More north in my coverage area, the Riverton Cafe has been under a full remodel after a fire in the units above them destroyed the café.

Back in August of last year I did write about their plans to rebuild and reopen.

Riverton – Revive Café

The latest update I see from Revive on the remodeling progress is in November of last year where they showed the interior walls… fully drywalled and in fact a Revive Cafe wall graphic was already in place!

Revive Cafe

Closed Coffee Shops

Sadly, unaware of two coffee shop. which closed in the last 4 to 6 weeks.

Washington Twp : Bison Coffee

Bison Coffee closed their Washington Township location on January fifth of this year. The Philadelphia location is still open.

I don’t have a full stop. knowledge of why bison closed in Washington Township. But I do know they were nearing the end of their initial lease, and was in discussions for an extension when they chose to not resign.

Washington Twp : Bison Coffee has closed. Philadelphia is still open.

Voorhees – Harvest Coffee Roastery

The Voorhees location of Harvest Closed on December twenty fourth. The Medford location for Harvest is still open.

Signage that was in place on the front door. announcing a closure stated that after four years serving the community, their lease was unexpectedly terminated and they were unable to renew.

Voorhees – Harvest Coffee Roastery. Medford is still open

Coffee Shops Opened Recently

The next grouping of coffee shops are locations that opened somewhat recently, including several which I just had not gotten to.

Glassboro : Cream Café

Cream Cafe opened on High Street in Glassboro NJ in the summer of 2023.   They are locally owned and serve Lakes Coffee which is roasted in Medford Lakes NJ.

Glassboro : Cream Café

Cream is located in the Rowan Boulevard buildings (along the side) and offers a spacious cafe featuring amazing coffees and specialty drinks, as well as delicious breakfast and lunch items.

Bagel breakfast sandwiches are very popular, as are their selections of salads.

My apologies to the team at Cream… somehow they had opened last year, and I never knew it!

Cream Cafe

Glassboro : Cream Café

Gloucester City : Royal Mile Roasters

Royal Mile is a successful coffee roaster with a cafe in Haddon Township. At the end of 2022 they opened another coffee shop located in Gloucester City… located at 500 Paul St.

The corner wedge shaped property had been closed for several years, and at one time was a small town pub called Orlando’s. I don’t think this status has changed but at the time they were the only coffee shop to be available in Gloucester City!

So I’ve stopped in at the Royal Mile Gloucester City last year.

Inside the cafe is bright and inviting, and they really utilize the uniquely shaped property well!

Gloucester City : Royal Mile Roasters

But I never got my article online!

Talk about really strange coincidences… I waited a few months after opening and I picked a random mid-day afternoon to walk into the coffee shop, only to find that Matt from the popular NJPen website was there at the exact same time and interviewing the owner!

Well I let them do their interview thing, and I had a delicious coffee and took some photos.  But then the owner and I could never connect for some final commentary…  And somehow I just lost track!

If you’d like more details on Royal Mile roasters check out Matt’s article and NJ Penn, although it may be paywalled

Royal Mile Roasters Gloucester

Gloucester City : Royal Mile Roasters

Wenonah : Daily Grounds

Daily Grounds opened on December 1st of last year, taking over the space of the former Chompsky’s café.

42Freeway covered Daily Grounds ahead of the opening.

The new owner who took over this space as Daily Grounds recognized that Chompsky’s had a winning formula, so his plan ahead of the opening was to not change things up too much.

Wenonah : Daily Grounds

They offer amazing coffee and specialty, drinks as well as breakfast and lunch sandwiches

At their website the owner describes the cafe as “Our coffee shop is more than just a regular café; it’s a beloved spot among the locals, a home away from home”

Daily Grounds

Wenonah : Daily Grounds

Glassboro : High Grounds

High Grounds Coffee Roasters opened in Glassboro in mid-September of last year. They are located on High Street in a corner property which has a view directly into the Glassboro Rowan Town Square Plaza area.

42Freeway covered the opening back in September

This new coffee shop comes from the team behind Death of the Fox Brewery and Coffee Shop in Clarksboro.

Glassboro : High Grounds

While the Glassboro location is focused as a coffee shop (no beer), they are bringing the same high quality product and cafe design to the Glassboro location.  Owner Chuck wants his shop to become a community gathering space and to that end has even developed a raised stage area for a variety of performances.

High Grounds roast all of their own coffee, from beans which are picked up in New York immediately after being dropped off of the ships that bring the coffee beans into America.

High Grounds

Glassboro : High Grounds

Washington Twp : TNT Café

TNT’s Cafe opened earlier this month in Washington Township on the Black Horse Pike. 42Freeway stopped in and covered their opening with an article.

The new TNT’s Cafe offers delicious coffee and specialty drinks, as well as boba teas and even amazing cultural food items.

TNT's Cafe Washington Township
Washington Twp : TNT Café

Specialty food items include ban mih hoagies, Goi Con spring rolls and more!

Follow them on Facebook as they’re constantly adding new items.  Recently they had a special offering of Pho soups!

TNT’s Cafe

TNT's Cafe Washington Township
TNT’s Cafe Washington Township

Oaklyn : Common Grounds Coffee House

Common Grounds is located in Oaklyn NJ on Clinton Ave, caddy-corner from the longtime popular Oaklyn Manor bar… and on the same block as the original Tonewood Oaklyn brewery.

So there has been a coffee shop operating at this location for several years, but recently 2 new owners took over the space and are changing things up a bit!

I stopped in a few days ago for the first time and caught up with one of the partners Josh, who grew up in the area and still lives locally.

Oaklyn : Common Grounds Coffee House

Of course Common Grounds has delicious coffees and specialty drinks, but they also have amazing pastries and sandwiches including quiche that Josh makes himself.

One unique thing they are doing at Common Grounds are “Coffee Flights” which honestly is one of the reasons which interest me in coming in. Soon I should have a video online about the experience.

That being said I stopped in at like 3:00pm on a Saturday, and while the space is not large I was still surprised to see that it was completely packed!

Another really strange coincidence is I heard about Common Grounds from a loyal 42Freeway reader Brett. Would you believe as I walked in on a random Saturday at 3:00 in the afternoon…  Brett was sitting on the very first chair as you walk in the front door “hey you’re Mark from 42 freeway aren’t you”  

Common Grounds

Oaklyn : Common Grounds Coffee House

Washington Twp: Dolce Vita Gelato

Dolce Vita Gelato opened in Washington Township in 2023, at the same intersection (caddy-corner) as Duffields’ Farm.

Dolce Vita’s authentic Italian gelato is the star of the show, and Nick tells me they had an amazing first year… But in keeping with the “Italian plaza cafe” theme, they also offer delicious coffees!

That being said, they taking a winter break and will reopen later in March.

Dolce Vita Gelateria - Washington Township
Dolce Vita Gelateria – Washington Township

But there’s no breaks for the Dolce Vita family, as Nick and his wife, Kim were recently in Italy sourcing additional exciting products to offer when they reopen. And people think I have a fun job, geez!

42Freeway covered their opening back in March 2023.

Dolce Vita Gelato

Dolce Vita Gelateria - Washington Township
Dolce Vita Gelateria – Washington Township