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TNT’s Café Washington Twp Opens!  Milk Tea, Coffees, Banh Mi, Spring Rolls

TNT’s Café Washington Twp Opens!  Milk Tea, Coffees, Banh Mi, Spring Rolls
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TNT ‘s Cafe is now open on the Black Horse Pike in Washington Township.  They feature delicious milk/bubble tea, a full coffee menu, as well as two classic Vietnamese dishes; Banh Mi hoagies and Goi Cuon spring rolls.  For your morning coffee run Danish and other pastries are also available.

UPDATE: Closed Monday and Tuesday (Jan 8/9). Reopening for the Grand Opening day on Wednesday January 10th!

The location is the Priscilla Towne Center which is located on the southbound side of the Black Horse Pike (Rt 42), just past Ganttown Rd. Other at the center include Old Towne Music, Filipino Cuisine, Fantasy Gifts, and the recently expanded Nails Bar and Spa.

TNT’s Cafe has opened in Washington Twp! Coffee Shop, Milk Tea and Vietnamese lunch cafe

The unit for cafe is in the original left-side building of Priscilla ‘s Town Center, in the end unit on the right.

Read on for more about TNT’s Cafe and their expanded menu, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook!

TNT’s Cafe is located in the Priscilla Towne Center in Washington Twp, on the Black Horse Pike (Image: Google Maps)

TNT’s Cafe

TNT’s Cafe is currently in “soft opening” phase and our offering a 10% discount on purchases through January except on Grand Opening Day January 10th… when drinks are buy one get one free!

I stopped in over the weekend to check out cafe and order to delicious milk bubble tea. It was refreshing and delicious, and yes I did go with the “boba” pearls.

An inviting decor with plenty of space awaits customers at TNT’s Cafe in Washington Twp. Friendly staff also!

I’m slightly disappointed in myself though, as I did not order any of the Banh Mi hoagies and Goi Cuon spring rolls and I really wish I had. My next stop was to meet my wife for lunch so I skipped ordering lunch… and now I really wish I gave them a try.

But I’ll likely be back this week for lunch, and maybe I’ll put up a short video on my experience.

Coffee and Drinks menu for TNT’s Cafe – Washington Twp. (TNT’s Cafe Facebook)

Inside TNT’s Cafe it is nicely designed layout and decor with the order counter and drink/food preparation area running along the right side of the deep cafe, going down to the back of the space. 

There is plenty of customer seating available on the left side… and the entire space has a bright welcoming feel to it.

An open prep and kitchen area at TNT’s Cafe creates delicious coffees, milk teas, ban mih (hoagies) and Goi Cuon (spring rolls)

You’ll fee very comfortable hanging out while eating your delicious lunch and milk tea!

The cafe even has it’s own “instagrammable” backdrop wall featuring the TNT ‘s Cafe logo in a neon sign, which is placed on top of a faux Ivy wall with additional decorative touches.

TNT’s has done a smart thing by offering an expanded menu offering, which really makes it multiple places in one.

Get your Instagram “on” at TNT’s Cafe in Washington Twp!

Is TNT’s Café an Asian milk/fruit/bubble tea place?  Yes!

Is TNT’s Café a coffee shop offering freshly brewed coffee, cappuccino, lattes, espressos as well as Vietnamese coffee?  Yes!

Is TNT’s Café a lunch spot where you can get a delicious meal of two popular Vietnamese dishes… Banh Mi (hoagie) or Goi Cuon (Spring rolls)?  Yes!

Ban Mih (hoagies) and Goi Cuon (spring rolls) are part of the menu at the new TNT’s Cafe! (TNT’s Cafe Facebook)

If you’re unfamiliar with Banh Mi, it really is a Vietnamese version of the Philadelphia hoagie. A short baguette roll is used, which has a thinner but crispy crust with a a softer and airy interior texture.

Just like a hoagie the Banh Mi is cut on the long side and a variety of fillings are used to make it a delicious sandwich.  TNT’s Cafe offers several varieties; cold cuts, grilled pork, red meat, meatball, fish cake, tofu, beef stew and chicken.

Orders of ban mih hoagies (far side) and Goi Con spring rolls (close) await customers at the new TNT’s Cafe in Washington Twp NJ

Goi Cuon (Vietnamese spring rolls) should also be familiar to many people in the area, as it’s a wrapped “rice paper” roll that has that somewhat translucent outer wrapping. Inside is a variety of fresh ingredients which at TNT’s Café means a selection of; pork and shrimp, tofu, fish cake, grilled pork, chicken, and Chinese sausage.

So as I said I will be back this week. I am sitting here on an early Sunday morning writing up this article and when I researched “Banh Mi” and saw how amazing they looked… I am craving one right now, and I know I’ll be back very soon!

Hours for TNT’s cafe are Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM, and Saturday and Sunday they are open 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

A full coffee cafe is also at the new TNT’s Cafe in Washington Twp. Cappuccino, Espresso and more… with all of the flavors!

TNT’s Cafe
5101 RT 42 (Black Horse Pike)
Blackwood, NJ 08012