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Construction Starts on 3-Story Life Storage Brand Storage Facility in Washington Twp.

Construction Starts on 3-Story Life Storage Brand Storage Facility in Washington Twp.
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Site preparation work at a property along Fries Mill Road in Washington Township signifies the start of construction for a new Life Storage brand storage facility.  The website location page for the facility states an expected September 2024 completion.

The location for this project is along Fries Mill Road, next to the Verchio’s Produce and Deli business. Directly across the street from this upcoming new storage facility is the large Echo Shopping Plaza which is home to Giant Fitness.

Life Storage – Storage Facility is under construction in Washington Twp NJ

Interestingly, the address for the upcoming Life Storage facility is listed as 268 Hurffville-Cross Keys Rd. but when I reviewed the plans 18 months ago for my May 2022 article on the approval…  I saw that the building is actually being developed along Fries Mill Rd.   

Additionally, the entire construction site is fronted along Fries Mill Road as well as the construction access point, so I feel there’s just a strange thing going on with some previously allocated address which still identifies this lot as 268 Hurffville-Cross Keys Rd.

This storage facility project will follow a design pattern which seems to becoming more popular today,  a three story structure totaling over 100,000 square feet (105,000 to be specific for this case).

Image from Construction firm Swinerton shows the final look of the upcoming Life Storage facility in Sewell Washington Twp NJ (Image: Swinerton)

An image found at construction company Swinerton shows the three story building with an attractive multi segment wall design, which gives somewhat a feeling of multiple buildings along a block.

Some portions of the inside storage area are fully covered whereas other areas open up to the outside with windows, including the main entrance corner which has significant all-glass walls,

The popular and well loved Verchio’s Produce and Deli sits at the corner of Fries Mill Road and Hurffville-Cross Keys Road…  so in a way the storage facility runs behind Verchio’s… but then Life Storage does not extend all the way over to the Hurffville-Cross Keys Road frontage.

From Fries Mill Road, you can see the construction trailer and equipment for the development of a Life Storage facility.

Some may remember back in 2018 that Royal Farms was looking to develop a convenience store and gas station store on the property, but those plans obviously did not move forward.

The storage facility is being developed by SafStor, but they will operate it as a Life Storage Brand property.

Delaware Valley based Wolf Commercial Real Estate represented the prior property owner in the sale of the 4.82 acre site.

Life Storage – Storage Facility is under construction in Washington Twp NJ. Beloved Verchio’s Produce and Deli is at the corner.

Verchios Deli – Slightly Larger Property

As part of this transaction the popular Verchio’s Produce and Deli business at the corner has gained some additional land from the storage facility approval. Two small road front parcels of land on either side of the Verchio’s Building have been merged into the Verchio’s property.

On the Fries Mill side it’s just a small wedge shaped piece which borders up to the storage facility property.

Based on my review of the Planning Board documents in 2022, the RED defines the storage facility property, and the purple are new lots that were added to Verchio’s

On the Hurfville-Cross Keys Road side it’s actually almost an acre of land, and is the rectangular parcel which fronts the roadway.

Within the last hour I reached out to a representative from Verchio’s about any future plans for the extended property, but I wanted to get this story online and head out for some other drone images before the big Tuesday rainstorm comes… and really didn’t give them a chance to respond yet.  But maybe that’s worthy if it’s posted on its own!

Life Storage – Storage Facility is under construction in Washington Twp NJ

Life Storage Sewell (Coming September 2024)
268 Hurffville-Cross Keys Rd
Washington Twp NJ