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Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books Coming to Blackwood

Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books Coming to Blackwood
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Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books is coming to Blackwood NJ, targeting an early 2024 opening. 

The location is on the Black Horse Pike in the Historic Blackwood area of Gloucester Township, in a building situated between Church Street and Cleveland Street.

This is in the older historic section of Blackwood. The area has a lot of “good bones” to the buildings and storefronts, but will really benefit from having another destination business in the mix, to bring more people into the area.

Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books is coming to Blackwood NJ

The Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books building features two storefronts, and she will be taking over both of those units.

The right side space will be the coffeehouse section, and the left segment will be the bookstore.  An interior doorway will connect the 2 units.

Some will remember that a bookstore operated previously in the left unit, which is where Ren is building out her bookstore. Ren says she is targeting a mix of both new and used books for sale.

It’s wonderful that the area sees the return of an independent small bookstore, and with Ren’s she’ll also offer a wonderful coffee shop featuring freshly brewed coffee, espressos and other fancier beverages!

Ren plans on offering pastries and other coffee oriented cakes and snacks, but she will not have a kitchen.

Ren has already started the interior work her new Ren’s Coffeehouse and Books, which is coming to the area of Historic Blackwood. (Image: Ren’s)

Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books – Authentically You

Ren first shared her news at the popular South Jersey Food Scene group, where group members really responded positively to her new business.. and for taking a chance to chase her dreams! (Facebook)

I had a chance to chat with Ren over the weekend. She tells me that after 20 years of working in corporate retail she’s finally living her dream and opening her own business!

Her Corporate retail experience did involve a lot of coffee sales, but that was really catering to morning commuters who would only pop in for a coffee and then rush out the door.

But Ren remembers back to being a young musician playing at open mics in local coffee shops. It seems with her new coffeehouse and bookstore, Ren is looking to have a deeper connection with the community. Absolutely you can get a delicious fresh brewed coffee and head off to work or school… but also, you can also stay and relax a bit… maybe play a board game with friends… or try out your latest song.

Ren sneaks into an update photo on the bookstore section of her upcoming Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books, coming in early 2024 to the Blackwood section of Gloucester Township. (Image: Ren’s)

This endeavor was inspired by the years I spent playing open mics as a teenager. I was a young musician who found comfort and support in my local coffeeshop. It was a safe space to be myself, and played a huge part in who I am today.

My hope is to create that space for you, a space filled with coffee and creativity; a space to play games with friends and find your favorite books; a space to share your talents and ideas; and most importantly –

a space to be authentically you.

Ren – of Ren’s Coffeehouse and Bookstore (Coming soon to Blackwood NJ)

The remodeling process is already underway to outfit both the coffee shop side as well as the bookstore side.

Earlier this month Ren posted a clip on her Facebook page that shows the before and after progress of the interior build out on the coffee house side which has already turned this space into a very comfortable and relaxing room featuring a northern mountain décor. 

Murals on the wall feature Evergreen trees snow covered mountains make corn soothing slate blue walls.

This photo really describes the cool and cozy vibe coming to Blackwood NJ, when Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books opens. (Image: Ren’s)

She has also been posting photos of the remodeling progress and shared some with me to post along with this article.

So yes the coffeehouse and the bookstore are the two main features, but again Ren is looking to make this a gathering place for the local community.

Having a musician background she really looks forward to opening up her space too locals, to give them a comfortable place just take a breather from the world for a but, or maybe to allow their creativity to soar.

Good Company, is what Ren is looking from from her “coming soon” coffeehouse & books. (Image: Ren’s)

Not only are open mics part of her plans, but at the back of the bookstore she will have an open space area available for playing board games, small events, book club meetings and more.

As mentioned, Ren is targeting an early 2024 opening and based on her photos and social media posts, she seems to be making amazing progress. I’ll be back for the opening!

Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books is coming in early January 2024 to Blackwood NJ

Ren’s Coffeehouse & Books (Coming Soon)
26 N Black Horse Pike
Blackwood NJ