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Ride, Climb & Throw with Axe Out – Coming To Somerdale

Ride, Climb & Throw with Axe Out – Coming To Somerdale
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Axe Out Entertainment is a new fun entertainment venue coming to Somerdale’s Coopertowne Center,  which will offer axe throwing, mechanical bull riding, wall challenge climbs, hurricane simulator, photo booth memories and arcade games…  all under one roof!

NOW OPEN! Read more about the experience HERE!

And the fun venue is BYOB!

The folks behind Axe Out Entertainment have been operating a successful mobile axe throwing business in South Jersey for several years, and when they chose to pick a more permanent home, they chose a location where they can really take the business up many levels.

(For latest info be sure to follow their Facebook Page)

Axe Out Entertainment is coming to Somerdale! Axe Throwing, Mechanical Bull Riding, Wall Challenge Climbs, Arcade and more!

Coincidentally I actually met up with the owners last year at one of their mobile axe throwing gigs. I had no idea that a year later I would be writing about their next new big adventure!

Coopertowne Center is the shopping center on the White Horse Pike and Evesham Rd, which many identify as being the home to the Cinemark movie theater. Many years ago we all knew it as the Lionshead Plaza.

One of the larger tenants in the center is Esporta Fitness (left side, closest to Evesham Rd), and Axe Out will be opening up next to the fitness center.

It’s a great location for Axe Out as the center also offers the movie theater and an Applebee’s Restaurant, so it fits the theme of “hey let’s go out tonight” venues, and likely customers will cross over from each business.

Axe Out Entertainment Somerdale will be located in the CooperTowne Center (Cinemark Movies) next to ESporta Fitness

I stopped over unannounced to the Somerdale location about a week or so ago, hoping to catch the owners on site.  I missed them.. .but at the time I could see the construction process was just beginning.

Things seem set to move fast as a Facebook post from just three days ago says they are hiring now, looking for venue/entertainment hosts.

Are you a high-energy, charismatic, and organized individual? “Do you have a passion for curating unforgettable moments and thrive on providing outstanding guest experiences? Do you want to get on the ground floor of an exciting new company in Somerdale, NJ?!

Axe Out Entertainment – Coming to Somerdale NJ

You can check out their full hiring post over at Facebook… \they are asking that you e-mail your resume to

Axe Out Entertainment also has a mobile axe throwing setup! Hire for your next party or event

Axe Out Entertainment Somerdale – Ride, Climb & Throw

So absolutely this is just a coming soon story, and when they get closer to opening I absolutely will be back to visit, and share with first hand experience, all of the amazing and fun features they are offering.

From their online commentary and Facebook ads which they were promoting several weeks ago… 

Ride, Climb and Throw is the tagline they’re using to describe the fun entertainment offerings they’re putting together in Somerdale,

Whether it’s a group of friends, family or even a date, clearly they are looking to develop an entertainment venue where you will be creating memories.

Axe Out Entertainment is coming to Somerdale! Axe Throwing, Mechanical Bull Riding, Wall Challenge Climbs, Arcade and more!

So we already know that the team are experts in axe throwing having operating a mobile axe throwing business. The mobile unit is a really awesome vintage train caboose looking unit, which if that is an indication of what is to come for Somerdale, we are in for a treat!

If you haven’t tried Axe throwing yet, it’s a fun and competitive way to spend time with friends.. laughing and competing together.

And clearly the owners have put a lot of thought into “what can we offer to extend that same group fun experience?!”

Well they’ve come up with a variety of other fun options that I don’t think I’ve ever seen paired with an Axe throwing venue, but then at the same time it makes complete sense!

Mechanical Bull Riding:  You and your friends hanging wound the mechanical bull, cheering each other on as you take turns riding the mechanical bull.. and likely a lot of laughter too!

Wall Challenge Climbs: Now this one I am really excited to see as they list “Valo-Climb” as their wall climbing tech. And I do mean tech, as a search online shows Valo-Climb to be an indoor climbing wall which then uses augmented video projections to create fun and interactive climbing experiences.  It’s not enough to climb the wall.. the project overlays add in challenging game overlays which direct your climbing goals.

Photo Booth Memories: whether having a birthday party or just a group of friends out for some fun, you want to capture those memories… and Axe Out Entertainment in Somerdale will have an onsite photo booth.

Hurricane Simulator: I am not sure what that is and I don’t even want to guess.. but I can’t wait to see what this is about also!

Arcade Games: To round out the experience, Axe Out will also offer an onsite arcade.  “Arcade Games Galore!”.  It’s likely a smart balance for the options, as when you are waiting your turn at some of the other adventures like bull-riding, you can pop over to the arcade and play some games.

As mentioned, Axe Out Entertainment in Somerdale will be BYOB!

And I’ll be back ahead of their opening… to share the experience!

Axe Out Entertainment – Somerdale (Coming Soon)
Coopertown Center
711 Evesham Avenue East
Somerdale, NJ, 08049