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Axe Out Entertainment Open in Somerdale – Much More Than Axe Throwing

Axe Out Entertainment Open in Somerdale – Much More Than Axe Throwing
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Axe Out Entertainment is now open in Somerdale NJ in the Cinemark Movie shopping center at the White Horse Pike.  They offer an innovative digital twist to Axe Throwing and Wall Climbing… plus adds in Mechanical Bull Riding and other fun thrills!

It’s a unique mixture of fun activities… something for everyone! I caught up with owner Rebecca this week who gave me a tour of her facility… and yes I even tried the bull riding. Keep Scrolling to learn more.

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Fridays and Sundays feature public sessions, where admission is “Pay once, play all you want” during the session.  Tuesday is Teen Tuesday where kids 13-17 can participate at a discounted rate! Check the site for details.

Saturday plus the remaining weekdays are available for your private event… Work team outings, birthday parties, family reunions and more. Axe Out is a BYOB venue so you can bring your own food and drink… or work with Rebecca for food options!

If you want to check out Axe Out Entertainment, this Sunday March 24th from 12 to 2pm they are offering Free Spring Photos at their digital photo booth.  Each child gets a surprise egg while supplies last!

Axe Out Entertainment – Somerdale

42Freeway first brought the news of Axe Out coming to Somerdale back in November.   The location is in the Cooper Town Center where Cinemark is located.  Axe Out is to the right of the Esporta Fitness Gym.

Axe Out offers axe throwing, mechanical bull riding, wall challenge climbs, hurricane simulator, photo booth memories and arcade games…  all under one roof!

Digital Photo Booth at Axe Out – Somerdale NJ

And each of the core items have a unique twist to them… such as interactive digital games projected on to the climbing wall and axe throwing boards.  It makes for an endless variety of fun!

ValoClimb Digital Wall Climb

At the front entrance to Axe Out is the ValoClimb system. It’s a true indoor climbing system with exposed small rock ledges to enable you to climb up and around on the wall!

The really cool extra twist comes from the ValoClimb system which digitally projects games onto the board… while it’s integrated camera reads your movements to make it a fully interactive game experience.

The integrated climbing games offer a variety of challenges such as creating virtual barriers that have you climbing around them (up and over!) to reach the final goal.

And if you want to play but not climb, many games can be configured to a lower height so that you can have challenging fun with the interactive games with feet still firmly planted on ground.

As an example it could be as simple as a Whack-a-Mole style game where characters appear on the board and you have to touch them to remove from the board! Or even the classic pong game!

Mechanical Bull Riding

Would you believe Somerdale has a full mechanical bull riding experience… just like you would find at a country western bar?!

The Axe Out version uses an inflatable floor around the bull, as well as inflatable side walls… to give a softer “bouncy house” style landing.

The bull offers several pre-programmed levels of spins, jerks, and lifts, including a very slow beginner mode. Rebecca and the team can also take over the controls for a more customized experience.

I gave it a try and it was my first time on a mechanical bull… I have to say it’s harder than it looks. I clearly was in a beginner toddler mode but just the twist and the turns of the bull did make it tough to stay on!

Rebecca tells me the bull can be swapped out for an inflatable log-style pole which would move around the bouncy house floor, making it a fun game to avoid getting bopped!

Axe Throwing

In the back of the large open space are 6 axe-throwing lanes.  It’s a slick design for the lanes and Rebecca is using an end grain placement of the wood, so it creates a less “chippy” experience.

But there’s a new twist to the Somerdale version of axe throwing…  just like the wall climbing, the axe throwing games support digitally projected target games!

The 42Freeway logo on the axe throwing bubble game! Axe Out – Somerdale

I tried a variety of games and even easily uploaded the 42Freeway logo and my face… which appeared in one of the bubble target games!

There are many game options available including target based, tic-tac-toe and even holiday themed.

Hurricane Simulator, Arcade and More

Axe Out offers a full balance of fun activities… including several that are still tons of fun, give a break from the full interactive effort!

The hurricane simulator is a very unique experience… an exciting and safe way to experience the power of mother natures wrath! Winds over 70mph!!

Or how about classic arcade games with each unit featuring multiple games! And of course they are set for “open play” so no nickel-and-diming you for each game play.

An inflatable axe throwing game is setup in the back corner, making it a fun and safe experience for all.

And the digital photo booth takes multiple fun photos at no charge, which can be sent to you for sharing on to friends and family, or on social media.

Dont forge the free Spring photo session on Sunday March 24th!

Consider Axe Out Somerdale for your new outing with friends, family or event.

Links and Location

Axe Out Entertainment – Somerdale
Coopertown Center
711 Evesham Avenue East
Somerdale, NJ, 08049

BONUS!: Through End-Of-April 42Freeway readers get 10% off! Use code 42FREEWAY. Book online!