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SmashBros Runnemede Opening Soon.  Smashburgers, Cheesesteaks, Wings and Tenders

SmashBros Runnemede Opening Soon.  Smashburgers, Cheesesteaks, Wings and Tenders
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SmashBros is a new locally owned restaurant concept coming to Runnemede New Jersey, focusing on high quality “smash style” burgers, cheesesteaks, chicken tenders and chicken wings.

The location for SmashBros is on Clements Bridge Road close to the Black Horse Pike, in a building which most recently was CobFathers BBQ. Many will remember it as the Bridge Deli prior to that. Rita’s Water Ice Runnemede is located across the street.

The building size likely means that SmashBros will be offering take-out/delivery options only.

While an official opening date has not been announced, last week they posted they are hiring for all positions; Cook, Cashier, Dishwasher/Prep.

South Jersey Food Scene wrote last month that a March opening date was expected, further indicating an opening could be close.

SmashBros is just starting their social media presence with an Instagram account (SmashBrosNJ) and a Facebook Profile

SmashBros – The Menu

With a core concept based on the four main entrees, SmashBros can focus on providing a high quality foodie experience!

Smash style burgers are the star of the show, made from high quality 100% organic, grass-fed beef.

If you are unfamiliar with smash burgers, it’s a thinner style patty that is made by taking a more loosely packed ground beef (typically formed as a ball), placing it on an extra hot griddle… and then using a spatula or handheld metal grill press to smash it into a thin patty.

The smashing process creates a quick sear on the burger, locking in juices.  With the thinner patty, many customers choose to order a double and in some cases the double is the “standard” burger.

Cheesesteaks at SmashBros will be made from boneless prime rib, sliced in-house for ultimate freshness and taste.

Chicken tenders and chicken wings (smoked and fried) are made from 100% organic chicken… and offered with a selection of house made sauces.

Overall it’s a smart concept to focus on several of the areas top foodie items.

Facebook groups such as South Jersey Food Scene (FB Group) are regularly filled with questions “Who has the best burgers?  Who has the best cheesesteaks….wings?”.   And at the new SmashBros takeout restaurant coming soon to Runnemede, they hope to be a big part of all of those conversations!

We have enough information to get excited over the upcoming opening of SmashBros in Runnemede… but many questions remain. Don’t worry, you know once I have an opening date I’ll be there to share the experience with 42Freeway readers!

SmashBros – African Well Partnership

Recently the SmashBros Instagram page announced that they have partnered with African Well, which is a charitable organization that builds water wells across Asia and Africa to bring fresh and clean drinking water to those communities! 

We are so excited to be partnering with @african.well to build water wells across Asia and Africa to bring fresh and clean drinking water to those communities! Not only will your hard earned money be spent on supporting delicious food from a small business but will also go towards providing an everyday necessity to those in need

SmashBros Runnemede – Posted at their SmashBrosNJ Instagram Page

Links and Locations

SmashBros – Coming Soon
68 W Clements Bridge Rd
Runnemede, NJ 08078