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Latinas Restaurant in Glendora Offers Mexican Fusion Cuisine.  Opened This Week

Latinas Restaurant in Glendora Offers Mexican Fusion Cuisine.  Opened This Week
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Latinas Restaurant opened this past week on Evesham Road in Glendora NJ, offering a Mexican Fusion menu which is more like a tour of Latin American cuisine!

The restaurant location is just around the corner from Triton High School, in a small strip of stores called St Marks Square (next to the now closed Glendora Liquors)

The locally owned restaurant offers an all-day “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” dining menu.. with a focus on Mexico but Latinas really is a delicious multi-cultural dining experience also including influences and dishes from Colombia, Peru and other Latin America countries and more!

During my visit I ate an amazing Cubano sandwich AND chicken tacos… with tortilla chips featuring scratch-made guacamole and queso!

The owners and chefs strive to offer an authentic yet innovative dining experience.  For example, pork is offered “Al Pastor” style, where the pieces of pork are seasoned and layered on a vertical skewer so that the flavors soak deep into the meat.

As I was leaving after my delicious lunch, co-owner Stephanie who operates the dining room said “you have to come back and try some of our Peruvian dishes”…. I absolutely will!

Latinas Restaurant Glendora

Latinas is a partnership of three local owners who met working at Salsa Fresca in Washington Twp, in roles including the dining room and kitchen (chef).

I met up with Stephanie who is Peruvian.   Her partners include Margarita who is from Colombia, and their head Chef (and also co-owner) Oscar is from Mexico.  Another chef also hails from Peru.

The menu mostly leans towards Mexican cuisine, but you can see how the ownership home country influences inspire a “fusion” dining experience with tasty dishes from each of the countries.

The restaurant interior has been fully remodeled with a bright and inviting décor representing aspects of each of the featured countries.  But the design offers a more modern style which feels very fresh and inviting… modern Latin America.

It’s clear the team really put their heart and soul into every aspect, as even the paper lining the tortilla chip bowl is printed with their logo, and the bill case custom carved wood, also featuring the logo.   Even the bathroom has a welcoming style to it!

And fur a short while during their Grand Opening phase each first-time visitor receives a small cultural gift for dining with them.

Latinas Restaurant – Dining

Clearly that same focus on giving customers an amazing dining experience carries into the menu.

Latinas offers three distinct menus for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. (Menus at their website)

I stopped in for lunch this week, enjoy a flavorful dining experience featuring an appetizer and two lunch entrees.

For starters I went with the classic tortilla chips but added their house-made guacamole and queso.  All made from scratch, the queso is a blend of three cheeses shredded and then melted in a perfect cheesy mix.  My queso dip also included a topping of Chorizo sausage.  

Stephanie tells me the popular queso is used in several dishes including chimichangas, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos and more.

My main course number one was an amazing Cubano sandwich made with sweet ham, freshly roasted pork, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles.. on authentic Cuban bread.

Each bite featured the light crunch from the toasted bread and then the softer sandwich and perfect blend of freshly prepared ingredients.

Because I love my readers and make sacrifices to best share the experience, I also ordered chicken tacos “Mexican Style” which are prepared with Latinas homemade spicy salsa, flame grilled onions, fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime. 

The taco dish also included Latinas own spicy hot sauce which was two different experiences.. flavorful and smooth at the first bite, followed by a spicy heat that snuck up on me… a perfect match for the tacos.

While I did not get to try any dishes from Peru in this visit, I did try a Peruvian cola with a lime green tint that was sweet and refreshing!

The breakfast menu offers America classics such as omelets and sandwiches, but also lists breakfast burrito, huevos con chorizo (scrambled eggs with chorizo sausage), and several Latinas special sandwiches including the Tortas… avocado, beans, onions, tomatoes and choice of meat.

The Dinner menu gets even more extensive, bring soups, salads, seafood, a full variety of Mexican dishes, and Latinas Specials which feature Peruvian rotisserie chicken and more. Or how about Wok dishes which fuse Peru and Cantonese tastes!

The dinner menu also offers 10 different desserts, and a full kids menu priced at just $7.99.

I really enjoyed my visit at Latinas, and meeting Stephanie and then her husband Jeff, who stopped in during my lunch.

Really good people offering really good food.

Links and Locations

Latinas Restaurant
306 E Evesham RD
Glendora, NJ

Open every day at 8am with varying closing times (after dinner). Check the website.
Doordash coming soon!

Note: 42Freeway received no compensation for this experience article but the food was provided free-of-charge. The opinions expressed here are Mark’s own thoughts.