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New Life Coming For Cherry Hill Former Bed, Bath, Beyond Location. A Second Macy’s?

New Life Coming For Cherry Hill Former Bed, Bath, Beyond Location.  A Second Macy’s?
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Construction workers are on site at Cherry Hill’s Garden State Park “Wegmans” shopping center, preparing a former Bed, Bath & Beyond unit for a new department store tenant.  Information I gathered points to a new small-format Macy’s Department store.

So Immediately everyone is going to call out that this is only a mile-and-a-half away from the Macy’s Cherry Hill Mall full-sized department store.

But you have to consider that for many years (decades) Macy’s operated full department stores in both the Cherry Hill and Moorestown malls, just three miles apart from each other on Route 38!

I don’t write articles based on rumors or speculation (and I know hundreds of things) but several factors come together to lead me to a new Macy’s location for Route 70 in Cherry Hill.

Well first off, just so everyone knows where I’m talking about…  this former Bed, Bath & Beyond store is located on Route 70 in Cherry Hill in the “Wegmans” shopping center (at Haddonfield Road).  Specifically this empty Bed, Bath & Beyond unit is directly next to the Home Depot.

Also if you aren’t aware, Macy’s last fall announced a new store concept coming to New Jersey, targeted at expanding the brand into additional markets. 

The new concept smaller-format stores of 30,000 to 50,000 square feet will bring a curated selection of Macy’s products to new customers and areas.  Last fall a new small-format Macy’s was announced for Mount Laurel.

Back to this new Cherry Hill Rt 70 project, I became aware of something going on simply by driving through the shopping center this afternoon and seeing construction trucks in front of the closed Bed, Bath & Beyond, as well as workers moving in and out of the smaller door off positioned off to the side.

That alone was enough to make me realize a tenant had been signed on.

From there I checked some of the shopping center marketing information available online and found they have listed the 37,000+ square foot unit as “Coming Soon – Department Store”.

While it doesn’t list Macy’s as the tenant, at least it confirmed the large and empty box store was newly rented to a retail department store, which is news enough on it’s own. This makes complete sense given the amazing popularity of the Garden State Park shopping center.

So before I even sat back in my car on this cold and grey afternoon, I walked over to the darkened main entrance of the former Bed, Bath & Beyond store and through the dirt encrusted glass I noticed the construction permit hanging on the inside of the glass…

.. and in handwritten script the permit states “Tenant Fitout – Macy’s”

Basically that adds up to a locked in story, right?

But from there I headed over to the Cherry Hill Mall Macy’s to talk to the the executive offices. I called fist but no one had answered. I didn’t expect to get an official statement from the local Macy’s administration offices, but I did chat with someone in the Cherry Hill offices briefly, who said they would contact Corporate communications (via internal email) for me.

That being said, 15 minutes prior when I was still in the Route 70 shopping center parking lot I had already emailed the Macy’s Corporate Communications team and was hopefully waiting for a response.

Later in the afternoon I did receive a response from Macy’s.

While we’re not able to comment on any specific plans at this time, we continue to explore new locations to bring our Macy’s small format stores closer to existing and desired customers. As we finalize these plans, we will share more details.

Macy’s Corporate Communications Team, in response to questions regarding a new Cherry Hill NJ Small-Format store

I also want to call out that I put some thought into the fact that in Maple Shade on Route 38, Macy’s operates a standalone furniture store… but according to a 2021 article at ROI-NJ regarding the building sale, Macy’s had recently resigned a 10-year extension.  So it would seem that the Furniture store is still staying in its Route 38 location.

I also want to mention that Macy’s is currently the target of an unsolicited buy-out proposal. The Macy’s Board just a few days ago responded to the proposal saying it lacked compelling value. Macy’s Board states they remain open to opportunities to create shareholder value and we’ll continue acting the best interest of all shareholders


Small-Format Macy’s – Garden State Park Cherry Hill

As mentioned, Macy’s describes the concept for their newer small-format stores as box store properties of 30,000 to 50,000 square feet, located in off=mall shopping centers… which will provide a curated assortment of Macy’s distinctive fashions, beauty and fragrance products and more.

The empty Bed, Bath & Beyond unit in Cherry Hill is 37,763 square feet which fits into that preferred range.

For New Jersey there are already two fully confirmed small format Macy’s stores planned;  Mount Laurel and Ramsey. 

Interestingly both of those stores are also moving into former Bed, Bath & Beyond locations.

When the Mount Laurel store was announced last November, most readers agreed with that plan as it was 15 to 20 minutes from the Cherry Hill mall location. Additionally there used to be a Macy’s department store within the Moorestown Mall not too far from the Mount Laurel Centerton Square Shopping Center where Macy’s is fully confirmed to open (likely this year).

So obviously what is interesting about this “Coming Soon” Cherry Hill department store going into the Garden State park Plaza on Route 70, is that it is in the same town as the existing Macy’s in Cherry Hill mall… which is only about a 5 minutes drive, and a mile and a half away.

I fully expect readers to call this out on Facebook shares at 42Freeway page and local town groups..  But honestly I understand the plan!

Even though both shopping meccas are in Cherry Hill and relatively close, they are each their own distinctive powerhouse shopping destination.

Which leads me to point out “Crossover Customers” from other retail stores.


Yes, many times people specifically want to go to a particular store such as Macy’s, and will drive directly to it… but a considerable amount of retail sales are crossovers from other adjoining businesses.

It’s easy to imagine a shopper heading into Wegmans for groceries but deciding first “hmmm, while I’m there I want to pop in to the Macy’s first and pick up that perfume for my sister’s birthday”

And let’s be honest, while Home Depot and Best Buy are amazing retailers… Wegmans is the big draw that every retailer wants to be close to.

Coming Soon Department Store – Cherry Hill
Market Place at Garden State Park
2130 Marlton Pike W
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002