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Route 42 Full Depth Paving Repair Starting. FIVE Active Projects for the Corridor.

Route 42 Full Depth Paving Repair Starting.  FIVE Active Projects for the Corridor.
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Over the next year NJDOT will be implementing a $13.6 million “full depth paving repair” project on Route 42 in the area of Deptford and Gloucester Townships.

The project will improve the roadway surface for 6 miles from where the 42 highway starts in Washington Township to the the point on Rt 42 where the Rt 55 down ramp connects in Deptford.

NJDOT is using a pavement preservation process called High Performance Thin Overlay (HPTO) on the roadway.

There will also be a project to resurface a portion of Route 55. I am getting more information on that.

Route 42 Resurfacing

I didn’t see this one coming. This will be a FIFTH active NJDOT project in the nine mile straight corridor from Washington Twp to Gloucester City.

This information on the new full depth paving repair project was provided as part of a traffic advisory released today by NJDOT regarding overnight lane closures on Route 42 North, for three nights starting last night (Sept 26th).

At least one lane will be open at all times during the 3 night road lane impact.

The closures will run from 8pm-6am.

Read on for more on the project(s).

A 6 mile segment of Route 42 will be repaved sometime over the next year utilizing a High Performance Thin Overlay, which is intended to extend the life of the core roadway asphalt.

Federally Funded Project

The traffic advisory explains that this is a federally funded project which will preserve 6 miles of pavement using a High Performance Thin Overlay (HPTO) treatment.

The overnight closures this week are for preliminary survey work ahead of the start of the construction portion of the project.

This work is part of a $13.6 million federally-funded project that will preserve approximately six miles of pavement using High Performance Thin Overlay (HPTO) on Route 42 between Black Horse Pike/Route 168/Atlantic City Expressway in Washington, Gloucester County through Gloucester Township, Camden County to Route 55 in Deptford, Gloucester County.

This project includes paving all ramps within the project limits and will further improve driving conditions on Route 42 by adding rumble strips, ADA-compliant curb ramps, and new signage to the roadway. This project is expected to be completed in fall 2023.

NJDOT Communications Office Sept 26, 2022

While it is correct the southernmost endpoint is at Washington Township, this project scope is really split between Deptford and Gloucester Townships. Both towns have large shopping malls along Rt 42.

Additionally, the Gloucester Township segment of Route 42 for this full depth paving repair project is already involved with an active construction project. The replacement of “Bridges Over Blackwood Railroad Trail” which I presented to readers 3 weeks ago.

Route 42 Bridges Over Blackwood Trail, Bridge Replacement with Tunnel
Route 42 Bridges Over Blackwood Trail, Bridge Replacement with Tunnel

So it seems while one crew is on Route 42 replacing the bridges which cross over top of Blackwood Railroad trail, another crew will be working on the Route 42 roads before and after the bridge rebuilds for this repaving project.

At the time of my writing this article I could not pinpoint the contractor who was awarded this project. If it’s the same as the one doing the Bridges-Over-Blackwood-Trail project maybe it makes more sense to address these at the same time?

At $13.6 million this is no small project. Consider that the prior Rt 42 bridge replacement work over Lower Landing and Big Timber Creek were budgeted at under $10 million!

South Jersey Is Feeling the NJDOT Love

The South Jersey area… specifically in the 42Freeway corridor.. .is really feeling the love from NJDOT.

Some could argue it’s a little bit too much, too fast? For me I’m thinking “let’s just get this all done and over with!”

I mean, keep in mind that currently in the 9 mile highway stretch from start of Washington Township to the start of Gloucester City, there will be FIVE active major highway projects in play.

  • Direct Connection (Bellmawr) : $900 Million massive road project targeted at improving 295/42/76 interchange
  • Missing Moves (Bellmawr) : $180 Million project to complete commuter access between Routes 42 and 295
  • Bridges Over Blackwood Railroad Trail (Gloucester Twp): $21 million project to remove the bridges over the Blackwood Railroad Trail. A pedestrian tunnel will replace the bridges.
  • 76 Bridge Replacement over Klemm Ave (Gloucester City): $57 million multi-phase project to replace the 11 lane i-76 bridge over Klemm Ave in Gloucester City, as well as other bridges closer to Camden.

These four projects along with the new $13 million paving project means there are five roadway projects actively in construction for the straight run of 42 to 76.

NJDOT Missing Moves Exit 14 Bellmawr
NJDOT Missing Moves Exit 14 Bellmawr

Also consider that in 2018-2020 timeframe the Route 42 bridges over Big Timber Creek and Lower Landing Road were reconstructed.

And keep in mind that it seems Route 55 Southbound starting in the Mantua area will also see resurfacing work this fall.

Honestly it’s always been a common complaint for decades in South Jersey where residents felt the Southern part of the State didn’t get the same investments for projects.

I don’t think we can complain any longer!

(Oh and Blackwood-Clementon Rd is also still to be repaved by Camden County. I am working on an update for that one)

HPTO: High Performance Thin Overlay

High Performance Thin Overlay Roads (HPTO) are a proactive upgrade to road surfaces intended to preserve roads already in good condition which will extend their life, reduce long-term maintenance costs and improve the travel experience for commenters.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation maintains a “Tech Transfer” website where they share information on innovative road technologies. Check out the HPTO pavement preservation section here.

NJDOT also provides a video on YouTube on pavement preservation technologies.

A November 2021 Federal Highway Administration case study document states that NJDOT already has treated 944 miles of roadway with the HPTO process (through 2018).

NJDOT Maintains a Tech Transfer site where they share new roadway technology. They maintain a section for Road Preservation!

NJDOT Lists the following benefits:

  • Applies to state highway systems with high-traffic volumes.
  • Improves ride quality depending on existing pavement conditions.
  • Reduces noise and increases long-term skid resistance.
  • Creates a renewed, sealed road surface to protect and extend pavement life.
  • Minimally impacts traffic with short road closures.
  • Extends pavement service life without raising profile grade by more than 1 inch.

There is an added cost to the treatment over traditional repaving efforts but the State lists long term benefits which bring the cost to repave and repair to be lower.

According to NJDOT, benefits such as life extension of pavement by approximately 10 years, minimal impact on traffic with short road closures, and reduced user costs and carbon emissions, outweigh the added cost of the treatment.

I think my future road updates will cover all 5 projects.. smaller updates across all five!