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Route 42 Gloucester Township Construction: Bridge Rebuilding

Route 42 Gloucester Township Construction:  Bridge Rebuilding
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Just when we thought we had our “fill” of construction projects on Route 42, several weeks ago another road project started up in the Gloucester Township area.

Several readers have reached out…  mainly hoping that this is part of a road widening project.

As explained in a press release from this week, the NJDOT describes it as:

The $9.6 million federally-funded project, which began in September 2017, will demolish and replace the two bridge deck spans and make repairs to the piers and abutments.

The press release refers to the two bridge spans over Lower Landing Road and Big Timber Creek.  The press release was sent out as they are moving traffic traffic lanes across the center median, using the roadway which normally runs in the opposite direction

During Stage 1, the left lane of Route 42 southbound will be shifted over a temporary median crossover onto the northbound side of Route 42 beginning just west of Route 41 until just past Lower Landing Road. Route 42 southbound motorists will enter into a one-lane cattle chute on what is now Route 42 northbound. The right two lanes of Route 42 southbound will be maintained on the southbound side. Three lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction by temporarily shifting traffic and utilizing shoulders.

More to come: Moving through the state budgeting and approval process is another project to replace the bridges which run over top of the Blackwood Trail.

It is not clear to 42Freeway at this point if the new decking will be wider than previous, to accommodate future lane growth.