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Williamstown Taco Bell is Open on the Black Horse Pike

Williamstown Taco Bell is Open on the Black Horse Pike
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A completely brand new Taco Bell opened yesterday in Williamstown NJ on the Black Horse Pike.

Previously this was a combo KFC & Taco Bell location, but with the demolition and rebuild the property was redeveloped as a Taco Bell only.

We first covered the plans for this Taco Bell two years ago, when the property owners returned to the Planning Board to modify their prior approval to add support for a dual lane drive through.

September 2020 was the height of the pandemic shutdowns, so at the time the need for faster drive-thru operations was greatly enhanced.

Large bright interior with a lot of windows letting the sunshine in, at the new Taco Bell in Williamstown NJ

The layout is completely changed from before. This time around the building is centered in the lot which allows room for the larger drive thru width.

Even though we are globally in “a better place” right now with pandemic driven business shutdowns, the dual lane drive thru is still a better idea.

Six months ago we reported on the closure and demolition of the prior combination restaurant building.

That demolition came around the same time the franchise operator opened a new KFC franchise a few miles away on Berlin Cross-Keys Rd. It seems they split off the prior combo unit into two separate nearby locations.

Dual-lane drive thru to speed the process of to go orders!

Taco Bell – Modern Design

The new Taco Bell is located at 110 North Black Horse Pike in Williamstown.

As a point of reference the closest cross street is Sicklerville Rd, where Geet’s Diner is on the corner.

The newly developed building is a rectangular design… very modern and appealing. Light Grey is the predominate exterior color with highlights of purple, slate and brown.

Light colors with blue and purple accents, makes for a very inviting Taco Bell (Williamstown NJ)

There are LOT of large windows in the building, which let in the afternoon sun during my visit and really lit the interior up nicely.

A patio sits at the front entrance and is very nicely done with multiple tables and a covered roof. One of the nicer fast-food outdoor dining areas that I’ve seen.

The outdoor patio at the new Taco Bell in Williamstown NJ honestly looks… very nice!

The interior is very bright and friendly… as mentioned lots of windows and a light color palette.

There are tables, a counter area, as well as one section of high-top seating at a very modern custom table.

Hanging lighting over this table helps raise the style level above the typical fast-food restaurant!

Like most fast food restaurants today while the do still have a counter to place orders at, the self-service ordering screens are very apparent, enticing customers to self-serve their order.

Windows and sunshine surrounds the room, at the new Taco Bell in Williamstown NJ

Links and Location

Taco Bell Williamstown (Now Open!)
110 N Black Horse Pike
Williamstown, NJ 08094

KFC Sicklerville (Opened in February 2020)
Acme Shopping Center
517 Berlin-Cross Keys Rd
Sicklerville NJ

A new Taco Bell restaurant has opened in Williamstown NJ