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Raising Cane’s Deptford Sets April Opening Date.  Positions Available.

Raising Cane’s Deptford Sets April Opening Date.  Positions Available.
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A new Raising Cane’s location for Deptford New Jersey is set open on Tuesday April 30th.  They’re actively in the process of hiring staff, which at the Raising Cane’s career site lists seven different positions at all levels.

For their Deptford opening day on April 30th they will have a DJ all day long, their “Lucky 20” drawing where Customers in line from 7am-8am have a chance to win free Cane’s for a year, the first 100 in line receive a T-shirt and Box Combo gift card… plus swag giveaways all day long!

Raising Cane’s is a chicken tender fast food restaurant with a fanatical following in other parts of the country, and they are making a big push into South Jersey with locations opened in Burlington, Marlton and Cherry Hill… and several other locations approved and planned for our area.

The location for the new Deptford Raising Cane’s is in front of the Target store on Deptford Center Road close to Hurffville Road (Rt 41) and the Route 42 exit.

The new Cane’s property was previously a Don Pablo’s restaurant which closed in 2019 as the last location for the former Tex-mex chain.  The plans for the new Raising Cane’s in Deptford became public in August of 2022 when 42Freeway broke the news on those plans.   

Many have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the Deptford Raising Cane’s location, particularly considering that since the start of the year it has appeared to be completely finished and just sitting there… which confused folks into wondering ” why don’t they just open it?”

In a social media video that I put together back in February I explain that the perceived opening delay was likely due to the coordinating of staff hiring. (Instagram)

With construction of the 4 units finishing within a few months of each other, Raising Cane’s had to hire probably over 300 employees… and if you consider that they did not have a prior presence in South Jersey with existing management staff in place, there’s only so much hiring and training that they could handle at one time.

And when you are a privately owned restaurant chain with over 700 units, you can afford to make these kind of decisions so that you’re new locations open properly with the the best staff and to provide an optimal dining experience for their new customers…. most who have never tried “Cane’s” before.

I previously mentioned that the Deptford store is a different model than the locations in Cherry Hill, Marlton and Burlington.  Deptford does not have the large outdoor patio that is in the other locations, and on the inside the dining room appears to be similar size to the others.

So likely the decision to not have the outdoor patio was related to the shape/size of the Deptford property, but I’m not sure.

Other Approved Locations:

  • Washington Twp – Town approved. Needs County Approval. NJDOT approval status unknown
  • Glassboro – Town approved. County “waived” review. NJDOT approval status unknown (Courier update)

Raising Cane’s Deptford – Hiring

I stopped in yesterday at the Deptford Raising Cane’s and chatted with local management who have been on hand conducting interviews within the restaurant.

They gave me the OK to take one photo of their display put together for potential new employees  (don’t worry I’ll be back for the preview look!)

As of this morning (April 9th) I see seven different roles listed on their career website. Try this link to access the Deptford specific jobs, but if it doesn’t work I simply use the drill down picking New Jersey in the different store,

  • Assistant General Manager
  • Restaurant Leader
  • Cashier
  • Cook
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Restaurant Crew Member
  • Hourly Restaurant Manager

What About The Sign?

“When are they opening” is definitely the top question I’ve been receiving about the Deptford Raising Cane’s, but then next is “what about the Don Pablo’s sign?”

Throughout all of demolition, building the Raising Cane’s, landscape work and more.. a signature Don Pablo’s “monument” sign has remained at the corner entrance to the shopping center.

It’s seemed to have gained a lot of attention from locals, particularly since it still says Don Pablo’s and that restaurant brand is now gone!

So directly from Raising Cane’s regional management, simply the sign is the responsibility of the shopping center owner who has chosen to leave it there for future use… say, maybe if the long closed Pizza Hut building finds a tenant.

I’ve sat in 100+ Planning and Zoning meetings and I can tell that more than half of the conversations in the approval hearings are about signs (number of signs and placement)… its a key focus for towns! So with the sign already approved decades ago its likely easier to hold on to it in place for future use.


I’ve covered the Raising Cane’s food, dining experience and history multiple times and will likely do that again for the Deptford opening so I skipped it here. But if you want more details here are two of my prior articles to check out.

Links and Location

Raising Cane’s Deptford – Opening April 30th
1860 Deptford Center Road
Deptford, NJ