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Rayaki Sicklerville Cross Keys Is Open!  Japanese Street Food – Ramen, Robatayaki and More

Rayaki Sicklerville Cross Keys Is Open!  Japanese Street Food – Ramen, Robatayaki and More
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Rayaki “Japanese Street Food” has opened their latest location, Sicklerville Gloucester Twp on Cross Keys Road.

This new location is in a small building in front of the Target store, in the end unit directly next to the Five Guys burger restaurant.

Rayaki is a locally based Japanese street food restaurant featuring Ramen, Robatayaki, Bao, Rice Platters, Milk Teas and more.

The restaurant name comes from combining their two most signature dishes; RAmen and robataYAKI.

Known for their fresh and delicious Japanese dishes… Rayaki may also be as famous for their restaurant interiors which feature bold and exciting Japanese anime style graphics on the walls.

Rayaki started in Cherry Hill and they now also have locations in Glassboro, Edison, and Philadelphia (Cottman Ave).

The newest location in Sicklerville opened on April 4th for the start of their soft opening phase, which still features their full menu.

On April 28th they will be celebrating the more formal Grand Opening from 12:00 noon to 4:00 PM.  Follow them on Facebook too have the latest on those plans. (Facebook Main Page)

Rayaki Sicklerville – Japanese Street Food

I popped in today at the latest Rayaki location to check out the design of the new location… but I wasn’t able to stay for lunch as I wanted to shoot home for the eclipse (only to find it completely cloudy!)

That being said just a couple weeks ago my daughter and I had a delicious Ramen Soup lunch at the Glassboro location, so I’ll share some of those soup images here.

For the Sicklerville location I really like the interior design as it absolutely features their signature Japanese anime style graphics… without overdoing it!

The base store design is light gray tile flooring and walls, but they use bold accents of red color as well as colorful anime graphics in key places to add some pop to the design.

The restaurant has a tall ceiling and colorful lighting fixtures are also used to add additional splashes of color.

A large 4-screen television wall was playing Japanese anime when I visited.

Seating options include booths along the side wall, as well as tables in the middle of the room… all based on a Japanese architecture that looks a little bit mid-century modern American also!

Rayaki calls themselves a Japanese Street Food restaurant… and I think it’s OK to say that probably the top selling item is their selection of ramen soups.

The menu features 14 different Ramen options priced around $14.50

it’s a large bowl of soup featuring freshly made ramen noodles a variety of ingredients which can include chicken, salmon, steak, vegetables and more.

By the way they have a unique menu and ordering system. The menus are printed on ordering sheets where you review the choices and write in your quantity next to the items you want.

Rayaki – Robatayaki (Image: Rayaki Facebook)

Robatayaki it’s another signature dish at Rayaki which refers to the method of cooking, where the food is grilled over hot charcoal.

I have not had Robatayaki but it appears that they prepare the dish on wooden skewers which are held over the heat.   They are priced and ordered per skewer at $2-$3.50 each, so you can order a variety of Robatayaki to make a unique-to-you meal!

I already know that for my next visit to Rayaki, that’s what I am going to try!

Area resident Joof is eager to try the new Rayaki Sicklerville!

Links and Location

Rayaki Sicklerville
Target Shopping Center
494 Berlin Cross Keys Road
Sicklerville NJ 08081