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Former Freeway Golf and CYO Properties in Gloucester Twp Early Stage Plans for Large Residential

Former Freeway Golf and CYO Properties in Gloucester Twp Early Stage Plans for Large Residential
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Two separate large residential developments are in the early stages of planning for Gloucester Township; 796 units for the former Freeway Golf Course property on Sicklerville Road, and 823 units for the former Catholic Church CYO property across from Camden County College.

If in the future both projects are fully approved and developed, this would add 1,619 new residential units to the Township.  The CYO property project is also listed as “mixed-use” but it isn’t clarified at this time what constitutes the mixed-use aspect.

Diocese of Camden Buildings, Peter Cheeseman Rd Gloucester Twp (2023)

The Freeway Golf course change to a planned residential project is likely the more surprising news.  In 2022 the property was targeted for a large warehouse development and got as far as a Zoning hearing (Part One) in the fall of 2022, where over 150 people attended.

So It would appear that this updated news of a large residential development for the former golf course, signifies the end of plans for a warehouse project on the site.

The information for these two new planned residential projects comes from the Gloucester Township Council Meeting agenda for tonight, where they will be passing a resolution to accept the applications for the expansion of wastewater management systems in support of these future residential projects.

So to be clear, what is being reviewed by council now is not the approval of the residential developments.  Both projects will still need to have a full planning/zoning hearing in the future to gain approval to be developed.

Former Freeway Golf Course, Gloucester Township

But it seems ahead of that, the developers are doing their early due diligence to identify all facets necessary for the projects and how they would be implemented… Including the development of wastewater system connections and related infrastructure.

The Council review and resolution is likely due to the fact that last year the Township moved to dissolve the MUA, moving the MUA staff and management to the Authority of the Township.

Freeway Golf – Residential

The former Freeway Golf Course property is located on Sicklerville Rd. in Gloucester Township.

The golf course closed around 2016, and in 2017 a local development firm purchased the property.

Former Freeway Golf Course, Gloucester Township

In 2022 the developers were proposing to build large warehouses on the property.  These plans met strong resistance from the community who showed out in force at the first portion of the Zoning Board hearing.

For 2024 the developers are now looking to develop the property as a large residential complex.

The current proposal is for 796 new residential units in total. 229 of those units would be single family homes.  567 would be developed as townhouse units.

To support the wastewater management for those homes in the property, according to the Council resolution a new wastewater pumping station and force main will need to be constructed.   This will likely be paid for by the developer as part of their full project expenses.

Visionstream CYO Property

Identified today as the Visionstream properties, the large 100+  acre properties are located on Peter Cheeseman Road directly across from Camden County College.

The property was previously owned by the Diocese of Camden for a Catholic Family Health and Recreation Center (CYO).   The Diocese closed the complex in 2006.

Visionstream property, formerly Diocese of Camden

Plans for the property now are 823 residential units contained in four buildings, as well as a maintenance building.

The resolution identifies that to support the project’s wastewater management, a collection system and sewer main extensions will be needed to connect to the project.

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The Council Meeting is set for Tonight Monday April 8th at 7:30pm