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Washington Township Oreck Sign Removed.  Digital Ad Monument Project Moving Forward Again

Washington Township Oreck Sign Removed.  Digital Ad Monument Project Moving Forward Again
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A key roadblock in the full utilization of the digital ad monument sign in Washington Township NJ was cleared yesterday, when the smaller “Oreck” sign (which blocked some of the new sign) was removed.

By the way, the Oreck Vacuum location is still open in Washington Township on the Greentree Rd side! 22 years! Be sure to visit them! The smaller sign will be rebuilt in a new location, on the other side of the driveway.

If you were unfamiliar with this monument sign, it is a large and modern sign that is mostly developed (by a private company) on the Black Horse Pike at Whitman Dr.

It features a digital display screen which will be used to show paid advertisements.  As part of the earlier approval, Washington Township has been allocated display time on the sign to promote town events.

October 2022 image of the Catalyst Digital Monument Ad Sign in Washington Township showing the “Oreck” blocking some of the new sign. The Oreck sign is now gone!

The digital sign has sat mostly complete for several months, but not utilized… because the existing smaller sign at the property (prominently featuring Oreck Vacuums) blocked some of the lower portion of the new sign including a portion of it’s digital screen.

Most would say “Well that seems simple enough. Just take down the old sign!”

But a version of the smaller sign is still needed as it highlights the businesses in the retail center back off of the Black Horse Pike… which needed further approvals from the shopping center owner, land owner, and multiple government entities.

Earlier this month the developer was granted their final approval for the placement of the new sign, and they were able to proceed with the demolition.

On Monday May 17, 2023 the Oreck sign was removed in front of the new Digital Ad Monument sign.

Oreck Sign Removal

Yesterday morning early, a reader messages me noting construction activity at the sign. I got there around 11:30am just as they had completed taking the core of the sign down.

Actually when I arrived the sign was in the air but my phone rang… and when I was finished that call all pieces of the sign were on the truck.

Several Washington Township officials were on site at the time, and I took a picture with the plastic sign portion which featured Oreck. It’s surprising how large these signs are when you see them up close!

I missed the Township approval meeting (I was at the one the prior month, but it was postponed).

Update: I heard back from Catalyst on my questions.

  • I don’t have exact timing, but we are working on finishing the water feature as well as commissioning the displays so they can start running communications.
  • The Oreck sign is being moved to the opposite side of the driveway as you note.
  • The work on the Horizontal side will begin once Vertical is finished and running.
The old “Oreck” sign in Washington Township sits in the back of a truck after being removed.

The following questions were sent to the Catalyst sign company yesterday afternoon. They responded earlier this morning saying they are working on answers to my questions.

  • Most Important: When do you expect to start showing ads on the sign? When will it be “on”?
  • I believe there is a water feature aspect also? Is that still coming?
  • The replacement Oreck sign:
    • Can you confirm where it will be rebuilt? Opposite side of that driveway (closer to Modwash?)
    • What is that timing?
  • Bonus: will you be starting on the second digital sign soon?

As mentioned the team at Catalyst is still working on answers to my questions.. but at the same time I can see that news of the sign coming down is already circulating on Social Media. My own rule in the news game is “no one reads the second guy’s report” ha.

So the story for now is, the Oreck sign is down, and if I get answers to the questions I will update this article.

Washington Township Councilmen Peter Del Borrello (Left) and Anthony DellaPia (right) pose with the now gone “Oreck Vacuums” sign!

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