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Adolescent Residential Detox Treatment Building Proposed for Lakeland Gloucester Twp

Adolescent Residential Detox Treatment Building Proposed for Lakeland Gloucester Twp
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A 17,500 square foot four-story Adolescent Residential Detox Treatment building is proposed to be developed in the Lakeland complex (Gloucester Township), to be located at Collier Drive.

In 2020 an existing one story facility at the site was already approved to be converted into a residential detox facility also, and remodeling for that building appears to be under way.

Combined the two buildings will support 114 patient beds. The area is zoned for Institutional, which this project fits the definition.

The projects are being developed by KMG New Jersey which appear to be local affiliates of a growing medical and detox facility company called Haven Health Management. Although the operating name for the Gloucester Township facility is unknown at this time.

These projects have been in process for several years with the company working with Camden County and Gloucester Township to move the projects forward.

The land for this project was originally owned by Camden County, and as part of a contract with the County an approximate 8 acre piece of land (including the existing one-story building) was separated off from a much larger parcel and sold to the KMG team.

In 2020 Gloucester Township approved the plans for the existing building to be converted into an inpatient detox program facility, providing detoxification and residential treatment services.  More on that in a minute.

Proposed Lakeland 4-Story Detox Facility

The Applicant is proposing a new Residential Detoxification Treatment Facility for adolescents, aged 12-17.

Plans are to develop a new four story building on a portion of the eight acre site that they now own within the Lakeland complex.

The Planning Board meeting for this new building project is set for June 13th at 7:00 PM, at the Gloucester Township Municipal Building.

The public notice for this meeting was just released today and unfortunately it is too soon for me to get my hands on a site plan.  So I know the larger lot size for the project (which includes the existing building) and can make a pretty fair guesstimate of where I think they’re going to build their new building within the lot. But I am not certain.

That being said this is one of the better written and concise planning board meeting announcements I’ve seen, as all the core aspects are laid right out in an easy to read paragraph. 


The proposed structure is a 17,500 sf, four story building and half a basement.

The facility will provide sixty (60) patient beds.

Access, loading zones, parking, stormwater management system, utility upgrades, basketball and volleyball courts will be provided.


The detoxification program will be fully licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and will be operated and fully staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The facility will include on-site medical practitioners and 24-hour nursing and behavior health tech staffing to provide around the clock treatment and observation.

For a facility of this size, treating up to sixty (60) patients, 48 staff members are anticipated to be on site during the 8:00 am 4:00 pm shift, 32 staff members for the 4:00 pm 12:00 am shift and 20 staff members for the 12:00 am- 8:00 am shift.


The interior of the building will be designed for residential semi-private accommodations with attached bathroom facilities.

A full-service medical clinic and institutional pharmacy will be located inside the building.

In addition, a full-service commercial kitchen and laundry facilities will be on the premises.

Parking and Visitors

The proposed parking includes a future improvement area to accommodate up to 120 spaces, if needed.

Like the existing facility, the proposed facility is an inpatient facility and patients will not have vehicles on site. There will be scheduled family visitation sessions, however there will not be open visitation hours.

Transportation is provided to and from the facility by facility staff.

Existing Building Renovation: In Process

To clarify again, once fully developed there will be be two inpatient detox facility buildings on the site.

The Planning Board meeting in June is for the new 4-story building, and currently under renovation is an existing building which also will be an inpatient detox facility, with the following aspects:

The renovation of the existing facility includes 54 patient beds and will operate as a level 1 detoxification program, which will be fully licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health.


This will include providing services on a short term basis but generally the length of treatment is two to three weeks and varies per individual.

The facility is operated and fully staffed 24 hours a day seven days a week

The facility is being remodeled to include a full service medical clinic and institutional pharmacy.

A full service commercial kitchen and laundry facilities will also be on the premises.

Parking is set at 40 which is considered adequate for the facility as patients will not have vehicles at the site, nor will they be allowed visitors during their stay at this facility.

There will be 16 staff members on site for each shift.

Adolescent Inpatient Detox Facility – Lakeland
Collier Drive
Gloucester Township, NJ

Gloucester Township Planning Board Meeting
June 13th at 7:00 PM, at the Gloucester Township Municipal Building.=