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Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings GO Construction Starts in Berlin Township

Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings GO Construction Starts in Berlin Township
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Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings GO were approved for Berlin Township in June, and the effort to rebuild the former Arby’s property on Route 73 into two units has recently started. In my visit just a few days ago workers had stripped off the outside facade.

The new restaurants will be located at the corner of Deangelo Drive (and Rt 73).  This is the front corner of the Walmart parking lot. An IHOP restaurant is located directly next to the building where the two new restaurants are being developed.

42Freeway rendering of the upcoming Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings GO under construction in Berlin NJ

42Freeway first wrote about the plans for Sonic and Buffalo Wild Wings GO (BWW GO) back in early June of 2023, when the project was heading to Berlin Township Planning Board for approval.

On June 13th the Mayor of Berlin Township Phyllis Magazzu shared an announcement on her Facebook page that the project was approved, and she also offered additional details on the project.  A month later Berlin Twp passed a resolution for the approval, with more details around the requested variances.

The remodel effort will split the 3,000 sq ft building into two equal halves, with Sonic on the left (facing the front) and BWW GO on the right.

Construction has started in Berlin Twp NJ to convert this former Arby’s into a Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings GO.

While the squarish building shape itself will remain unchanged it will see significant remodeling to convert it into two distinct restaurants, each with their own signature designs and signage.

Sonic will offer the full Sonic experience with a drive-thru, order pickup, and also feature their signature drive-in dining aspect. As is standard for the brand, there will be no indoor dining for Sonic.

Buffalo Wild Wing GO will offer a small indoor dining area for 14 customers, and will also support (walk-in) takeout.   This new “GO” version of BWW is smaller fast-food like experience focused on their amazing wings, tenders and French fries. To be clear, it is not a full menu restaurant that most of us are familiar with, and this Berlin Twp location will not serve alcohol.

Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings GO coming soon to Berlin Twp NJ

While it may seem like an unique pairing of the two restaurants, it turns out two brands are owned by the same corporation, Inspire Brands. Inspire is also the company behind Arby’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts!

For the local Berlin Township franchise location, the upcoming Sonic and BWW GO are owned by the same franchisee, but each of the two restaurants will be operated as completely separate businesses.

Construction has started in Berlin Twp NJ to convert this former Arby’s into a Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings GO.

Sonic Drive-In Berlin Township

Sonic is an American drive-in fast food chain which opened its first location in 1953 under the name Top Hat Drive-In.  Today as Sonic they have almost 3600 locations!

A signature aspect of Sonic is their drive-in dining experience, where you drive into designated parking spots, each which have their own dedicated menu signboard.  You place your order from your car while parked in the spot, and when your food is ready a Sonic employee will bring it out to you.

You can then stay right there in the same parking spot, eating your delicious meal or treat inside your car!

Sonic Audubon NJ Drive-In Menu Board (2016)

It’s harkens back to the drive-ins of the 1950s… right out of the Happy Days Tv show!

Another iconic aspect of that classic drive-in experience was the “car hop” employees who would bring out your order, would wear roller skates. This is something that is still marketed as part of the Sonic experience, but honestly I don’t know how prevalent this is in the South Jersey locations!

Sonic Drive-in Press/Media Image. This design does not represent the exact Berlin Twp project.

Sonic also offers a traditional drive-thru window ordering experience, if you just once you grab your food and go.

They do not offer indoor dining. If you want to eat your meal on site, well that’s what the drive-in aspect is all about.

Sonic Drive-In media/press image

The Sonic menu features all of the American classic casual food items such as juicy hamburgers, delicious hot dogs, tender chicken… as well as a large menu of ice cream based treats such as milkshakes, sundaes and Sonic blast.

Their commercials are regularly seen on television and the brand is constantly inventing new and interesting seasonal menu items to bring customers in to try the latest delicious offering.

For the Berlin Township Sonic drive in, as mentioned they will be on the left side of the former Arby’s closest to Deangelo Drive.

They were approved to add eleven of their drive-in parking spaces (with the menu boards) situated along the Deangelo Drive property line.  Those parking spots will have a 1,500 square foot overhead parking canopy to protect from precipitation when ordering or receiving your food.

Other South Jersey Sonic locations are located in Audubon, Cinnaminson,  Millville and Hainesport

Sonic Drive-In media/press image

Buffalo Wild Wings GO

The Buffalo Wild Wings Go will be opening on the right half of the shared building, and will feature a small dining area with 14 seats, as well as offer takeout orders.  There will be no drive-thru for Buffalo Wild Wings GO in Berlin Twp.

So as mentioned at the start of the article, this is not a full Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant like the ones on Cross Keys Rd. Gloucester Township, or outside the Moorestown Mall.

The GO version of BWW is focused on fast service of their delicious Buffalo wings, chicken tenders and French fries..

Buffalo Wild Wings GO. This design does not represent the exact Berlin Twp project.

The best way to understand the BWW GO concept is.. they are in the same category as the popular Wingstop restaurants. 

It’s a smart move for the Buffalo Wild Wing brand, because if you consider other competitors like Wingstop who have built successful national restaurant chains from the smaller wing/tender/fries menu… well obviously Buffalo Wild Wings has a strong reputation in those same food categories, so why shouldn’t BWW create their own smaller and faster version?!

Buffalo Wild Wings GO, Illinois (Image: Google)

A Buffalo Wild Wings GO location was also approved for Voorhees NJ almost two years ago. In my most recent visit over the summer it did not appear that construction had started there, but I’ll be back soon to check up on it

Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings GO (proposed)
299 Route 73 North
Berlin Township NJ

Berlin Township Mayor’s Facebook Message (June 2023)