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Waffa! Theory : Opens Tuesday 11/28 at Rowan Boulevard.

Waffa! Theory : Opens Tuesday 11/28 at Rowan Boulevard.
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Waffa! Theory opens Tuesday November 28th at Glassboro ‘s Rowan Boulevard complex, featuring four different food concepts in one innovative dining space!

I visited last week during a “friends and family” preview and was impressed by the design of the restaurant dining area, its advanced takeout order locker area, and absolutely the food was delicious and innovative!

Waffa! Theory was developed by three local sisters (Courtney, Lauren, Nicole) who partnered together to create a menu which offers their own delicious take on timeless classics, as well as unique options you’ll only find at Waffa! Theory.

Waffa! Theory opens Tuesday Nov 28th at Rowan Boulevard. This sample size cup shows off one of their unique treats built around bubble waffles

While the signage on the restaurant is Waffa! Theory, the sisters have wrapped the food offerings into multiple distinctly delicious concepts… with each brand representing the favorite food categories of the children, of each of the owner sisters.

  • Waffa! Theory: One-of-a-kind offerings featuring bubble waffles, served in a variety of sweet and savory options.
  • Sweet Teazels: Mouth watering treats including brownies, cookies, ice cream options (including ice cream sandwiches) and the Crunczuchi… Rice Crispy treats that are rolled and filled.
  • Box n One: Juicy burgers, hot dogs and sausages.
  • Everywin Hot Chicken: Original recipe Hot honey chicken and fried shrimp in a variety of sandwich styles or piled high in a tower.

Inspired by the Rowan University location, the sisters created a décor which carries a modern scientific University theme.

The menu introduces fun and innovative food options such as nitrogen ice cream and bubble waffles jars… all in variety of deliciously unique flavors!

A beautiful modern hi-tech interior at Waffa! Theory at Rowan Glassboro

Waffa! Theory – Rowan Glassboro

Waffa! Theory is located in Glassboro’s popular Rowan Boulevard “main street” complex of stores and restaurants.

For the new eatery which opens Tuesday November 28th, the best way to describe the location on the Boulevard is they are a corner unit of the building directly across from both Chickie’s & Pete’s and the Courtyard Hotel.

The Waffa! Theory location is a very prominent on the boulevard, with two full walls of glass at the corner…  which should provide a very inviting space for customers to enjoy their delicious meals and treats. The bright and modern interior shining through the glass should pull people in to the restaurant to check out what Waffa! Theory is all about.

Waffa! Theory opens Tuesday Nov 28th at Rowan Boulevard.

Stepping inside the restaurant, you enter somewhat in the middle of the L-shaped customer space, with the front ordering counter immediately in front of you.  They counter area highlights some of the delicious treats available, as well as the four nitrogen ice cream machines!

If you aren’t familiar with Nitrogen ice cream… the ice cream is made right in front of you with your choice of “mix-ins”, and the liquid ingredients are instantly frozen via safe nitrogen!   A fun, tasty and scientific ice cream experience.

Nitrogen made Ice Cream is one of the hi-tech offerings at Waffa! Theory. Tuesday Nov 28th at Rowan Boulevard.

The customer seating area for Waffa! Theory heads off to the left from the main entrance, and wraps around the corner and back.

The design smartly utilizes the wraparound windows to offer customers views to the outside boulevard.

As you walk around the corner you’ll really start to feel the hi-tech vibe of the space which was created by a “scientific formula” wallpaper, attractive lighting, and a focal point large digital display.

A casual yet beautifully hi-tech dining area at Waffa! Theory. Opens Tuesday Nov 28th at Rowan Boulevard.

Another innovative addition to the Waffa! Theory experience are the digital takeout lockers.

Located on the other end of the customer space (to the right of the entrance) is an area with 16 lockers which are controlled by computerized touch screens.

The Ondo food lockers allow order pickup customers and delivery drivers to quickly grab their orders from a locker, without having to wait at the front counter. The back of the lockers are open to the kitchen staff who can easily place your order into one of the lockers.

The system is linked to the Point-Of-Sale system so that online and DoorDash orders are provided a locker code, which you can use to retrieve your order.

Ondo Food Locker system at Waffa! Theory – Glassboro Rowan Boulevard

Waffa Theory and their distinctively delicious brands have their opening day set for Tuesday November 28th.

They will be open every day with extensive hours… as late as 2am Thursday through Saturday!

Waffa! Theory – Food

During my Friends-and-Family visit last week I was able to try several food items including a crispy and tasty patty melt sandwich, as well as a “bursting with flavor” Blueberry Bubble Waffle treat!

As mentioned, Waffa! Theory offers a variety of food brands each focused on a different category of the menu.

Here are some menu highlights for each brand.

Waffa Theory

Waffa! Jar:  a true original, Waffa! Jars are based on freshly made bubble waffles placed at the bottom of the jar, and a delctavle combinaton of sweet toppings are added on top, such as; Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, Cheescake, Rocky road and more.  I think I counted 16 flavors!

Waffa! Bites: are a funnel cake, but better. They flash fry the bubble waffles to achieve a perfect crisp, and then add your toppings.

Waffa! Jars are built on bubble waffles, with delicious toppings! Waffa! Theory opens Tuesday Nov 28th at Rowan Boulevard.

Sweet Teazel’s Treatz

Teazel Rolls: A fun new take on the Rice Krispy Treat. Styled as a sushi roll and packed with goodness!

Brownie Parfait:  Our brownie (and blondie!) parfaits are layered with pudding, a variety of toppings and a whole lot of goodness.

Sweet Teazel’s Treats at Waffa! Theory in Glassboro

Box N One Burgers and Dogs

Burgers: Our all beef juicy smash burger served on a pub style bun and topped the way you want. Comes with fries.

Hot Dogs: Our juicy all beef hotdogs are nothing like what you find at the ballpark. Top it anyway you like. Comes with fries.

Patty Melt: So good – you have to taste it to believe it. Our delicious burger topped with cheese, fried onions, sweet relish and bacon served on toasted sweet Hawaiian bread.

A patty melt sandwich from Waffa! Theory at Rowan Boulevard in Glassboro

Everywin Chicken & Shrimp

Stacked Sando: delicious chicken tenders on a soft pub style roll topped with coleslaw, pickles and your choice of sauce. Comes with fries.

Po Boy: Our take on the traditional po boy sandwich – but of course with am Everywin little twist! Comes with fries.

Shrimp platter at Waffa! Theory Glassboro


In the mix Waffa! Theory also offers a variety of innovative drinks such as Dirty Sodas (flavored fountain sodas), Italian Sodas which include creams and deciduous flavors, and a variety of coffee options.

Waffa! Theory (Opening Tuesday Nov 28, 2023)
Rowan Boulevard
Glassboro New Jersey