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Sonic and Buffalo Wild Wings GO Proposed for Berlin Twp at Former Arby’s

Sonic and Buffalo Wild Wings GO Proposed for Berlin Twp at Former Arby’s
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Sonic and Buffalo Wild Wings GO are planned for Berlin Township on Route 73. They will share the recently closed Arby’s building which sits in front of the Walmart.

The proposed exterior building graphics that 42Freeway has seen show the single building split down the center with Sonic situated on the left and the Buffalo Wild Wings GO location on the right side… each showcasing their owned distinctive graphics and logos.

Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings Go are planned for Route 73 in Berlin Twp, NJ

Based on social media commentary it appears the Arby’s just recently closed about two months ago

Some modifications to the property and building are planned, so Planning Board approval is required.

The Berlin Township Planning board review meeting is scheduled for June 13, 2023, at 5:30 PM at the Municipal Building, 135 Route 73 South, West Berlin, New Jersey 08091

This recently closed Arby’s in Berlin Twp NJ is slated to become a Sonic Drive-in and a Buffalo Wild Wings GO eateries. They building is located in front of Walmart

Berlin Township Combo Sonic and Buffalo Wild Wings GO

The franchisee developing this new combo restaurant setup is already established with the two well known restaurant brands, operating many locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York State.

In our area the same franchisee has another Buffalo Wild Wings GO location planned for Voorhees NJ. They also operate Sonic Drive-Ins in Audubon, Cinnaminson, Millville, and Hainesport

While both eateries will be operating out of the one building, commentary from the Planning Board notice as well as the graphic mock-up of the property, seems to indicate that they will be operating as two separate businesses.

Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings Go are planned for Route 73 in Berlin Twp, NJ. They will share the former Arby’s building (Image: Munson Restaurant Group)

Neither of the two brands require a lot of interior space to operate. Sonic does not offer indoor seating! So it’s a smart move of the franchise company, Munson Restaurant Group, to combine the two eateries into the one building.

Not to mention that the two brands target different food categories which should compliment each other nicely

Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings Go are planned to share this former Arby’s building on Route 73 in Berlin Twp, NJ

The Buffalo Wild Wings GO segment (on the right side) will offer a small inside dining area supporting 14 customers, as well as offer take out order capabilities.

For the Sonic restaurant, being located on the left side of the building it will have take over the existing drive-thru window.  It appears the Sonic restaurant will not have inside dining, as is the case with other locations.

But In sticking with the Sonic theme, this new Berlin Township location will also offer their signature outdoor drive0in ordering parking spots.  Approximately 11 of those drive-in spots will be situated along the Deangelo Drive.

The Restaurant Concepts

If you’re unfamiliar with the two restaurant concepts, here’s a very high level overview.

Sonic Drive-In

Sonic restaurants harken back to the days of the 1950s when drive-in restaurants were popular, serving fresh burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream treats including milkshakes… where the customer stays in the car and the food is brough to them.

To clarify, both drive-thrus and drive-ins are based around ordering while in your car.

  • Drive-Thru: you follow a path around the building where first there is a ordering menu and speaker. After ordering you drive around and then at a window your food is given to you, You then move out of the way so the next customer can pick up their order.
  • Drive-In: You park your car at a spot in the lot which is designated for the drive-in car service. Your order is taken at the car and when it is ready, the restaurant staff brings the food to you where it is expected that you will remain there and eat your food.
Sonic Drive-In, Audubon NJ (Image: Google)

This new sonic in Berlin Twp will offer both of those options. As mentioned previously, at Sonic there is no inside seating.

Buffalo Wild Wings GO

Buffalo Wild Wings GO is a newer and smaller variation of the popular Buffalo Wild Wing restaurants. 

As most of us know, the traditional Buffalo Wild Wing restaurants that most of us are familiar with are full size establishments with large dining areas. They serve alcohol beverages, and a broader menu which extends well beyond Buffalo Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings GO, Illinois (Image: Google)

But the newer Buffalo Wild Wing GO locations focuses mainly on the delicious Buffalo wings and the large variety of sauces.  The GO variation restaurants do not serve alcohol and are targeted more towards the wings tenders and French fries.

Clearly the target for the GO quick eatery variation is the same customer who frequents WingStop.

Links and Location

Sonic Drive-In and Buffalo Wild Wings GO (proposed)
299 Route 73 North
Berlin Township NJ

Planning Board Meeting June 13th at 5:30pm
Berlin Township Planning and Zoning Board
Berlin Township Municipal Building
135 Route 73 South, West Berlin, New Jersey 0809