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June Super Wawa Super Update; Blackwood, Erial, Washington Twp, Winslow, Oaklyn, Mount Laurel, Mt Ephraim

June Super Wawa Super Update; Blackwood, Erial, Washington Twp, Winslow, Oaklyn, Mount Laurel, Mt Ephraim
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I’ve gone way too long with my Wawa construction updates, and if you guys are ready for this I’m going to hit you with construction updates on 7 Wawa locations! The June Super Wawa Super update.

New Wawas are also approved in Mantua and Logan Twp although I do not have updates on those. Nine total?! I actually think I missed one or two!

So this will be a quick overview “Photo Post” but I think you’ll get all the core details you are looking for!

I have a problem in balancing my time where at times I spend more time collecting information than I do getting things online! I’ll visit multiple times before I get an update online.

Super Wawa Super Update!

What I cover here, in summary:

Under construction are the Blackwood, Erial and Washington Township locations. Clearly all three of them are under full construction mode right now! All new drone images from today (June 3rd)

After a lawsuit delayed the construction start, a new Wawa location proposed for Winslow is scheduled to return to the Winslow Planning Board on June 15th

Over in Mount Ephraim, Wawa was planning on adding a second driveway to connect to a residential side street. Wawa has chosen not to pursue that project further, it seems.

And lastly, both the Oaklyn and Mount Laurel stores opened in April, and I visited them.

Development: Blackwood Clementon Rd, Gloucester Township

Of the three wawas currently under construction in our extended area, the Blackwood-Clementon road location is the furthest along and will likely have an opening this summer.

Blackwood-Clementon Rd Wawa construction has full building structure in place (6/3/2023)

The Blackwood Wawa was being developed on the property which used to be home to an Entenmann’s store and distribution facility as well as Rita’s Water Ice.    Rita’s has relocated to a new location a little more than a mile away, and offers a drive-thru!

This Blackwood Wawa has the full building structure in place, surrounding concrete and protective barrier pylons installed. 

The front steel structure for the gas station canopy is also in place. 

Blackwood-Clementon Rd Wawa construction; full building structure and gas canopy frame in place (6/3/2023)

Development: Erial, Gloucester Township

A second new Wawa is under development for Gloucester Township in the Erial section of town.

This corner property was previously home to a bank and about three homes, which have been demolished.  It is located at the same intersection of the Erial Fire Department, and a Rite-Aid pharmacy.

Erial Wawa construction; Gas Tanks in place, and building foundation started (6/3/2023)

This project was the last of the three now under development to be approved, but it is already moving along very quickly!

In my visit today we can clearly see two key foundational aspects are in place.  The gas tanks for the fueling stations have been installed underground, and most of the cinder block foundation for the main convenience store building has been set.

Erial Wawa construction; Gas Tanks in place (6/3/2023)

Simply from my following other Wawa construction projects it appears they’ve hit the stage where we’re gonna see just significant development move right on through until completion.

Erial Wawa construction; Building foundation started (6/3/2023)

Development: Five Points Washington Township

The Washington Township Wawa at the Five Points intersection (Rt 47, 41) was the first to be approved of these three under development, and is seeing some significant construction activity.

Washington Twp Five Points Wawa construction; Sidewalks and road aprons in place. Tank install is next! (6/3/2023)

The property has been fully graded, water management installed, and sidewalks and driveway aprons added.

For this week they are focused on the install of the underground gas tanks, with the hole dug for the fuel tanks to be installed, and the tanks themselves are on site!

Washington Twp Five Points Wawa construction; Pit is dug ahead of install of the gas tanks (6/3/2023)

I would expect that this construction effort has also crossed over to the point where they’re just going to continue moving through the full development phases.

A Burger King is also approved for this extended property, but I do not see signs of it’s development yet.

Washington Twp Five Points Wawa construction; gas tanks are on site! (6/3/2023)

Proposed (Again): Wawa Winslow; White Horse Pike at Waterford Rd.

A new Super Wawa project is being proposed for Winslow Township at the intersection of White Horse Pike and Waterford Road.

It is a 5.8 acre property which has two homes on it and the D&S sub shop.

There is a Planning Board meeting scheduled for June 15th

This project was previously approved in 2021, but a lawsuit filed by the owners of the gas station across the street, as well as a few residential property owners… delayed it’s progress.

A new Wawa for Winslow on the White Horse Pike returns to planning this month. This site plan is from 2021. I am not clear if it has changed.

The basis of that lawsuit was that the project was approved for an area that the zoning did not accommodate.  That lawsuit was won, and the Planning Board approval was reversed. (Attorneys Lieberman, Blecher & Sinkevich).

Six months ago in December of 2022, Winslow Township Council amended zoning definitions which will allow the Wawa project to move forward.

Development: Mount Ephraim Access Road : Withdrawn

Over in Mount Ephraim the existing Wawa on Black Horse Pike was planning on adding a second access driveway, which was to connect to the side street Valley Rd. 

In April the plans for this new access driveway were withdrawn by Wawa. South Jersey Observer reported that Wawa will not be pursuing the plan any further

Mt Ephraim Wawa Looks to add second entrance to side street
Mt Ephraim Wawa plan for second entrance to side street was cancelled

42Freeway first reported on the plan back in February. If Wawa had moved forward with the plans, Wawa would have demolished a home on Valley Road and turned that property into the access driveway.

Local Mount Ephraim residents were strongly opposed to this plan, with a primary concern being the added traffic on Valley Rd.

Open: Mount Laurel Rt  38

Back in early April a new Wawa location opened in Mount Laurel on route 38  at the Hartford Rd. intersection.

New Wawa in Mount Laurel at Rt 38 and Hartford opened in early April

I stopped in a couple days after the opening and grabbed a few photos of the new convenience store and gas station.

it’s a slightly unique configuration offering direct access in from Route 38, but to exit you must leave via a back road entrance or onto Hartford Rd.

Due to the grading of the property with Route 38 being higher there, is an interior retaining wall on one border of the property,

New Wawa in Mount Laurel at Rt 38 and Hartford opened in early April

Open: Oaklyn White Horse Pike

A few weeks later at the end of April the Oaklyn Wawa store opened,  with the extra special significance of being the 1,000 Wawa store!

New Wawa opened in Oaklyn NJ the end of April. It is the 1,000th store!

Wawa celebrated this extra aspect, and permanently affixed “1,000th Store” underneath the building’s front Wawa signage.

This property for decades was an auto dealership.

New Wawa opened in Oaklyn NJ the end of April. It is the 1,000th store! This aerial image was a few weeks before opening