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Harper’s Discount Liquor Store is Open in Clementon

Harper’s Discount Liquor Store is Open in Clementon
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Harper’s Discount Liquor Store opened two weeks ago in Clementon NJ, in a building which previously was home to Harper’s Pub.

The family owned liquor store has a fully remodeled interior, which included opening the space up to better highlight the delicious beers, whiskeys, wines and more that they are offering for sale.

Harper’s Discount Liquor Store is Open in Clementon NJ, at the former Harper’s Pub building.

I met up with owners Mika and Mike a few weeks ago literally days after they opened. The couple are very nice and personable folks who eager to distinguish themselves with customers by being focused on the needs of the customers.

In fact as they continue to fully developed the inventory selection they are maintaining a customer request notebook so that they can make sure to have favorites of the locals readily available… they’ll even call you when your favorite beverage first arrives in stock!

A row of beer fridges at Harper’s Liquors. That area in the distance is where the bar bathrooms were located!

If you are unfamiliar with the location they sit at the intersection of Berlin Road and Gibbsboro Rd (where Blackwood-Clementon Rd ends)… right along the railroad tracks.

The large produce junction is on one side of Harper’s Liquor Store and then on the other side, Clementon Park is very close.

The property and building were previously known as Harper’s Pub, which closed in October of last year.

Keeping customer’s happy are important to the family at Harper’s, so they keep a book of customer requests for items they don’t normally carry.. and they’ll call you when they are.

Harper’s Liquor Store – All Your Favorites With Friendly Service

As mentioned, at Harper’s Liquor Store the space has been completely refreshed, painted and bright retail style lighting has been added. 

To maximize the space for the sales floor, the entire interior space has been opened up, removing the Harper’s Pub bar, center dividing wall, restrooms and kitchen area.

But in their place are several refrigeration units, including a walk-in beer fridge in the area where the former kitchen used to be.

A walk-in beer ridge at Harper’s Liquors in Clementon.

That being said, the small built-in telephone booth from the bar area still remains, and the alcove in the back which used to frame the backroom stage is also still there.

But honestly the best part of the liquor store besides its great location and selection… are simply the owners and the family members they have working for them. They really are just genuinely nice people.

I spent most of my time walking around the facility with Mika who shared with me how even those customers who expressed some displeasure that the Harper’s Pub closes…  after chatting with Mika, Mike and the rest of the family everyone seems to really appreciate what they’re trying to do with Harper’s liquors.

Harper’s Discount Liquors – Clementon NJ

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Harper’s Liquor Store
1 Gibbsboro Rd
Clementon, NJ