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Harper’s Pub Clementon Closes After Today (Monday). Harper’s Discount Liquors Coming

Harper’s Pub Clementon Closes After Today (Monday).  Harper’s Discount Liquors Coming
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Harper’s Pub in Clementon NJ closes after today (Monday 10/24). The bar and property were sold to new owners.

The new owners will be opening Harper’s Discount Liquors at the site. They do not plan on operating a bar at the location and hope to get into construction mode very soon.

Harper’s is open today “until the beer runs out” The kitchen closes at 3pm.

While I am not a regular at Harper’s I visited many times. During my first mid-life crisis in a cover band, Harper’s was one of the first bars I performed at!

Harper’s Pub Clementon is closing Monday 10/24. New owners aee planning a liquor store for the property

Harper’s Pub Clementon

Word started getting out this week about the upcoming closure, and I stopped in a few days ago to hear from staff that Monday definitely was the last day of operating as Harper’s.

There was some discussion at the bar that they would still need to operate a bar in a portion of the building due to the license… that is not the case.

Currently there are many liquor stores operating in the area which used to have a bar including the Cherrywood liquors a few miles up the road, which operated as a full bar when it operated across the street from it’s current location.

Even Bobkat Liquors in Deptford has a license that would allow them to operate a full bar, and they choose not to!

A Clementon official affiliated with the Zoning Board stated in a town Facebook Group

The unfortunate reality is our hands were tied based on the way the zoning laws are written for that part of town. A liquor store is considered Neighborhood retail and an approved business type for that location, therefore we could not deny it on that basis.

Clementon Official Associated with the Zoning Board

So it seems Harper’s wants to “go out” quietly as there is no mention on the Facebook page of the change in status.

I had seen a liquor license public notice change go through recently, but didn’t have a chance to stop in initially.

The back room at Harper’s Pub Clementon feature live bands, pool tables and even beer pong tournaments Harper’s closes today. new owners to open a liquor store

Local residents also started to find out recently, with several threads in town Facebook groups where residents are complaining about the conversion to a liquor store.

While not listed as a historical building, many would prefer that it stuck with it’s roots as a tavern.

Others noted the historical significance of the building as a tavern and hotel.

But while I have not confirmed, it was stated by several that despite tracing it’s roots back over 100 years, the building is not designated as “preserved”.

It was also noted by residents that another liquor store, Township Liquors is only 2 blocks away from Harper’s… and has much better parking.

The representative of the new owners says Harper’s location is a significant being on a much busier road, offering better access for customers

This is a breaking news story and I dont have a lot of information.

I’m actually here now having lunch. I just got the last cheesesteak

Links and Locations

Harper’s Pub Clementon – Closing after Monday 10/24
1 Gibbsboro Rd
Clementon, NJ