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Phillies in the World Series! Dick’s Sporting Packed Last Night. Check Runnemede’s Sports Outlet Also

Phillies in the World Series!  Dick’s Sporting Packed Last Night. Check Runnemede’s Sports Outlet Also
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The Philadelphia Phillies are in the World Series! National League Champions!

And after last night’s game the fans went to Deptford’s Dick Sporting Goods in droves! The line wrapped around the corner of the building… all the way to the upcoming Bonesaw Pilot House location!

After the Phillies National League Championship Series win, Dick’s Sporting Goods kept their Deptford store open past normal Sunday closing to sell the lasted merchandise. The line wrapped around the building!

If you are looking for your Phillies National League Champion shirts and hats, here are two good options

Dick’s Sporting Goods locations at the Deptford Mall, Cherry Hill, Mt Laurel, Vineland and Mays Landing will have many things to choose from! I even got a World Series pint glass in my visit last night!

The Sports Outlet in Runnemede is also a great place to visit. (Facebook)

If you haven’t been to the Sports Outlet, it’s a really cool store with an amazing variety of product. My understanding is they are also wholesalers to other businesses in the area, so they carry everything for sports fans.. and for every team.

Right now the Sports Outlet Facebook page says they will have the new merchandise but to “Stay Tuned” for updates. Update: A follower commented on Facebook that the Sports Outlet did have merchandise this morning and more coming in this afternoon!

Other media outlets this morning are showing Dick’s locations with inventory in-stock.

But don’t be surprised if at times early in the week you can’t find everything you need… I imagine they start with a limited supply before knowing who the winners will be, and once that is settled, the printers are working over time

With both League Championship series ending early this season, there is a several day break before the World Series games start on Friday.

Plenty of time for Phillies gear inventory to be loaded up, and you to get whatever it is you need!

Thanks to awesome friends at the front of the line I was able to get Phillies National League Champs and World Series swag! And that Chase Utley banner behind me? For some reason I own a 9ft tall stadium banner from 2009!

Phillies in World Series – Amazing Turn of Events

I am not going to fool anyone in thinking that I am sports writer, although my first website was sports themed!

Not to dwell on the rough start of the Phillies but I feel its important to revisit that… to really appreciate the amazing turnaround they’ve done!

For the first half of the season things just didn’t look good for the Phillies in 2022.

At the start of June their record sat at 22-29!

And that was with FIVE all-star players from the prior season. Harper was league MVP last year! And the payroll is high enough that the Phillies have to pay Major League Baseball’s “luxury tax”.

Nothing was working. Bullpen, hitting and defensive mistakes were costing them the season.

The carnival party atmosphere will continue in South Philadelphia as the Phillies are in the World Series (image from Friday’s NLCS game)

And on June 3rd, manager Joe Girardi was let go.

Phillies bench coach Rob Thomson was named as a interim coach.

The Phillies knew they had to move on from Girardi… and in the middle of a season did not want to commit immediately to a new permanent coach.

Let’s be honest… at this point everyone thought the Phillies were done for the season. Attendance was down, television ratings were down.

Well not everyone thought a turnaround was impossible.

Phillies President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski had this to say to ESPN, at the time of Girardi’s firing.

I think we can make the playoffs. I think we’re in a position where we can battle back to do that. I do believe that,”

June 3rd, 2022 : President of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski to ESPN

To which the article immediately added “Few Philly sports fans are steadfast in that belief.”

At that point the Phillies had lost 12 of the last 17 games!

Charlie Manuel and Matt Stairs fire up the crowd at Friday’s National League Championship game

MVP superstar Bryce Harper added back in June

I’m looking forward to working with Thomps, and hopefully starting a streak today because we don’t have much time.”

June 3rd, 2022 : Phillies Bryce Harper to ESPN

Well it seems the team got the wake-up call. And new coach Thomson found the spark in each player to get them playing again.

But let’s not forget that just as the team was getting hot… Harper gets injured. 52 games missed!

Which makes the turnaround of the team.. and their entry into the World Series even more amazing!

And it’s why Dick’s Sporting Goods was rocking last night, and fans in Philadelphia lined the streets.

This is not the big win… yet.

But considering where were 4 months ago. Considering we are recently coming out of a crazy pandemic stretch…

It just hit home even more so to Phillies fans.

Phillies 2022 Home Opener on April 8th. We all had hope. We always have hope. But no one really expected the Phillies to be in the World Series! Amazing!

With the change in manager, the Phillies immediately changed their fortunes.

Harper’s message of “we don’t have much time” really hit home with players.

Less than three weeks later on June 20th, an Inquirer article tells a completely different story

Since then (June 3rd), the Phillies are 14-3 under interim manager Rob Thomson and back in the mix in an eight-team race for six playoff spots.

Philadelphia Inquirer article on the Phillies quick June turnaround. June 20, 2022

While not 100% attributed to the manager change, players did comment on Thomson’s more relaxed, lower pressure style.

Maybe that allowed the player’s to also relax and focus on playing the game… and not jumping ahead to the outcome.

Hitting improved. Pitching got better.

And as we now know, each week the players just got better and better.

Heck even when Harper was out for 52 games, what did the team do? They continued to win!

So with such a bad start the Phillies finished were able to finish with 87 wins.

Compare that to the Braves and Mets who each had 101 wins! 14 game difference is significant! Heck the Dodgers had 111 wins… 24 more wins than the Phillies.

And they are all out of it. The Phillies are in the World Series.

The Phillies stands will be packed for a few more games. WORLD SERIES GAMES! (Image from June 2022)

They say the Playoffs are an all new season. Clean slate for everyone.

And momentum is huge. Sure the Phillies were playing awful on June 3rd. But that momentum kept growing.

And I think there is still plenty more of momentum left in the gas tank.

Even with an amazing post-season run so far, there is still so much more the Phillies can put out there.

It’s going to be a heck of a lot of fun!

And Philadelphia, South Jersey and fans everywhere are ready.

And so are the Phillies!

Links and Locations

Dick’s Sporting Goods – Deptford Mall
1750 Deptford Center Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096

Dick’s area locations in Cherry Hill, Mt Laurel, Vineland and Mays Landing. Check their website for details

The Sports Outlet
703 Black Horse Pike
Runnemede, NJ