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Buffalo Wild Wings GO Planned for Echelon Village Plaza Voorhees

Buffalo Wild Wings GO Planned for Echelon Village Plaza Voorhees
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The Echelon Village Plaza in Voorhees has a few new tenants in the works, most notably being Buffalo Wild Wings GO which will feature their delicious wings, but will not have a bar.

The Echelon Village Plaza is located on White Horse Road close to the Haddonfield-Berlin Road intersection. The largest tenant is Edge Fitness, which took over the former Genuardis Supermarket 2 years ago.

Note: On polite request this article was modified. It now only features the Buffalo Wild Wings GO new location.

Buffalo Wild Wings GO… No Alcohol

Before everyone gets overly excited.. this Buffalo Wild Wings is not what you are familiar with. There is no bar in a BWW GO location. The “GO” version offers no beer, cocktails or wine.

Plus Buffalo Wild Wings GO locations are significantly smaller, fitting into a typical strip mall store spot.

This new Voorhees location is the first store in the Echelon Village Plaza as you enter, which at one time was home to Radicchio Restaurant.

A Buffalo Wild Wings GO concept is coming to Echelon Village Plaza in Voorhees. There will be NO BAR as this concept targets takeout and delivery.

See, this is an all new concept for Buffalo Wild Wings which debuted 2 years ago. The GO version is a smaller delivery and takeout targeted wing restaurant, with a small amount of seating.

The idea is to bring their delicious Buffalo Wings and other menu items to more neighborhoods via a smaller format store.

Simply it’s the Buffalo Wild Wings version of WingStop.

Interior drawing of a new Buffalo Wild Wings GO coming to Echelon Village Plaza in Voorhees.

And this appears to be the first one planned for our area of South Jersey. We say planned.. but the Voorhees General Manager position is also advertised.

We’ve seen the interior design documents, and they are bidding out for contractors.

And the leasing company flyer lists them as “At Lease”… deal is signed.

Buffalo Wild Wings GO – What’s Different?

So we already mentioned that this Voorhees location will not have an alcohol license.

And the “GO” concept locations are much smaller stores.

This one coming to the Echelon Village Plaza is only 1,500 square feet. Consider that a full Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Moorestown NJ is 7.500 square feet. Five times larger!

Buffalo Wild Wing GO stores are much smaller.. as they target takeout and delivery. This one is coming to Echelon Village Plaza in Voorhees.

And the “GO” gives a clue to what their real target is with these locations. Take-out or delivery.

That being said it appears the upcoming Voorhees location will have seating for 12 people.

In a recent article in WhatNowChicago regarding a new BWW GO location in Chicago, the President of Buffalo Wild Wings was quoted as saying

I am thrilled to introduce the new Buffalo Wild Wings GO model in Chicago, IL

Our takeout and delivery business grew significantly over the last 20 months as guests across America enjoyed our award-winning wings, sauces and other menu items at home. With great deals every day of the week on wings and bundles at GO, customers have one more way to enjoy our wings for any occasion, from game day lunch to family dinner.

Lyle Tick, President, Buffalo Wild Wings in a statement published by WhatNowChicago

For the menu differences, the same article mentions what the Chicago location will offer, and I’d expect the same for Voorhees; traditional and boneless wings, hand-breaded tenders, chicken sandwiches, sides, burgers and all 26 Buffalo Wild Wings sauces and dry rubs.

We are not aware of timelines for the opening of this new location.

Links and Location

Echelon Village Plaza
1120 White Horse Road
Voorhees, NJ

Echelon Village Plaza – Voorhees NJ