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Edge Fitness Voorhees Construction Underway Ahead of Summer 2020 Opening

Edge Fitness Voorhees Construction Underway Ahead of Summer 2020 Opening
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Yes that is a real rainbow in the photo of the now under construction Edge Fitness, and I’m sure many are hoping it really is a pot of gold that Edge Fitness is bringing to the Echelon Village Plaza shopping center on White Horse Road!

The building previously was the location of a Genuardis Supermarktet and is located across the street from Target, just shifted down a little.  While the current supermarket building facade has held up very well, images seen at leasing company Soloff show that they will be making significant changes to the entrance.

Edge Fitness

Edge Fitness is a New England based large format fitness gym with a growing presence in South Jersey.  Our sister site 42Freeway reported on the opening of locations in Deptford and Washington Township.  The Deptford post even has a quick walkthrough tour!

Edge Fitness features a low price less than $10 a month!  They offer full weights, machines and classes!  Daycare is available as well as a separate women’s gym area!  Tanning and other relaxation items.  Some of these items may be at an extra cost… but seriously the core gym features that you use 99% of the time can be had for less than $10 a month!

At almost 50,000 sq ft, the Voorhees location is much larger than the Deptford’s 36,000 sq ft location so we’ll have to wait and see how the utilize that extra space in Voorhees!

We’ll have more as the construction progresses!

Edge Fitness Voorhees
1120 White Horse Road
Voorhees, NJ

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