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Ice Cream Love is Open In Deptford!

Ice Cream Love is Open In Deptford!
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Ice Cream Love is a new ice cream shop open on Hurffville Road (Rt 41) in Deptford, close to the Good Intent Rd intersection.

You may remember the location as Mueller’s Fruit Freeze… well this year the Goldberg Family from West Deptford have taken the place over, given it a new look with a Key West style aqua blue exterior… and their own spin on delicious ice cream and water ice treats.

We caught up with mom Stacy who explains…

Our dream has always been to own and operate an ice cream business!

We are looking forward to giving back to our community, hosting fundraisers and many other fun events!

Stacy Goldberg – Ice Cream Love!
Delicious and Innovative Sundaes at Ice Cream Love – Deptford NJ

Last year the Deptford Fruit Freeze business went up for sale, and it was the perfect opportunity for the Goldberg’s to reach their dreams.

This is a true local family business!

When I visited on opening day this past Friday, it was Daughter Julia who took my order.

Grandpop was also in the ice cream shop helping out…

We didn’t catch son Dean or Dad Jason this time around, but Mark from 42Freeway lives in the neighborhood so eventually we’ll catch up.

We stopped in at Ice Cream Love in Deptford just an hour after opening. Third customer!

With their last name and mix of family members… if they add a few Flyers Hockey jerseys on the walls it will be just like visiting the Goldbergs from the hit ABC TV show! 🙂

If you are unfamiliar with the Ice Cream store, it sits on a large lot on Route 41, with plenty of parking.

Ordering is done on the front side on a large raised deck.

As mentioned they really did a nice job freshening up the exterior.. it basically all looks brand new with its Key West beachy inspired color scheme.

There is a large covered side patio with several tables to enjoy your delicious treats… protected from the sun. And they have a couple old school coin operated kid’s rides in the patio.

Be sure to like their Facebook page! They have started posting fun and delicious photos of fans and ice cream!

Ice Cream, Water Ice, Innovative Sundaes and More!

The front ordering window has a menu banner directly above the windows, but to get a full understanding of the innovative treats you have to check out the digital menus.

Spaced around the patio and front of the Ice Cream Love building are several flat screen televisions highlighting in more detail all of the delicious treats.

Delicious and Innovative ice cream and water ice at Ice Cream Love – Deptford NJ

Flavored Soft Serve

Soft-serve seems like a simple thing, right? We all know what that is!

But at Ice Cream Love they have a flavor system to turn your ice cream into something really unique and delicious.

There are 24 different flavors for Soft Serve Ice Cream, including Bubble Gum, Birthday Cake, Cheesecake, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter and more!

I tried a Pina Colada ice cream cone… and considering the new look of the building and the awesome weather we are having this weekend, my mind was taken back to Duval Street in the Keys!

Hmmm.. I wonder if it would be ok for me to bring some rum with me the next time?! Ha!

The side patio looks as refreshing as the ice cream tastes!

Hand-Dipped – 33 flavors?!

I actually didn’t ask too many details on the hand-dipped ice cream but see there are is an impressive lost of 33 flavors… including two Vegan choices!

Caramel Candy Bar, Graham Slam, Lemon Meringue Pie, Mint Chocolate Cookie Explosion, Cotton Candy are a few of the very interesting flavors.

And of course Ice Cream Love has Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.

I am stopping back today to try the Pistachio!

Hmmm but what is “Magical Unicorn”?

Water Ice

Currently they are showing 11 choices for water ice… Sweet-ish Fish, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Black Cherry Bordeaux are a few of the highlights.

Sundaes – Every day is a Sundae!

This is where Ice Cream Love really let’s their creativity shine!

The names of the sundaes have a Pop-Culture vibe to them… The Spicoli, The Dude, The Gritty Sundae!

See I wasn’t too far off with my Goldbergs TV Show reference…. it fits right into their Sundae naming!

Let’s jump right into a few of these creative creations.

New look, new tastes… Ice Cream Love – Deptford NJ

Well this one caught my “eye”.

The Gritty Sundae is Orange Sherbert, Chocolate hand-dipped with Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate sauce and… ready for this.. CANDY EYE BALLS!

That’s pure genius right there. Delicious genius.

Yo, Adrian is chocolate ice cream w/ roasted almonds and marshmallows.. with marshmallow sauce.

Sundae Brunch is vanilla ice cream w/ waffle pieces, bananas, crushed strawberries & maple syrup. A true breakfasty ice cream sundae!

Toppings and More

Of course you can make your own sundae creation or simply add one of the several dozen toppings and sauces to your ice cream cone or cup!

I really enjoyed my visit meeting the Goldbergs and loved my ice cream! A really wonderful family who deserve some love from the 42Freeway fans…

Ice Cream Love for 42Freeway love. A fair trade.

Links and Locations

Ice Cream Love
1490 Hurffville Rd (Route 41)
Deptford NJ 08096

Facebook Page – Go Like!

For hours always check Facebook but currently they are listed as:

Mon-Thurs: Noon – 9:30pm
Fri-Sun: Noon – 10:00pm