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LIDL Supermarket Proposed For Williamstown. Black Horse Pike and Lake Ave (Behind First Bank)

LIDL Supermarket Proposed For Williamstown.  Black Horse Pike and Lake Ave (Behind First Bank)
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A LIDL Grocery store is being proposed for Williamstown on the Black Horse Pike at Lake Ave, with the core grocery building to be developed behind the existing First Bank Property.  The existing Lake Ave property entrance will remain, and an additional water retention area will be added.

The Planning Board meeting is scheduled for February 25, 2021 at 6:00 PM, virtually via video conferencing by way of a Zoom.  Details below.

The current First Bank parking and access will be integrated into the new LIDL parking via an extension of the current access road. 

Directly next to the bank is the Library IV restaurant and it seems a small portion of the LIDL will be behind the corner of the restaurant property, but it looks like the restaurant property will not be connected. 

The proposed Lake Ave location is one that probably most people paid no mind to as a future development spot, due to the water retention basin being on the corner next to the bank and it isnt clear from the road how big the lot is behind the bank.   

The lot is actually over 6 acres, and could prove to be ideal as it is situated between some very busy roads.

Across the BHP and just a 1/4 mile down is the Williamstown Amish Market.

Three quarters of a mile south is the Sicklerville Road intersection, where Shop Rite and Geets Diner are located.   1.75 miles to the north is the Cross Keys Road intersection, with access to Washington Township and Gloucester Township.

What is Lidl Grocery?  The First Wave

Lidl is a Germany based grocery in the same category as Aldi… but with a bigger focus on the in-store bakery.

Lidl came to the US a few years ago with a strong fanfare and did open an area location in Vineland New Jersey, but a series of approvals and purchases did not pan out into stores being built.

In that first wave the did build a significant number of US stores down South, but seems they learned from the early USA experience and are changing things up.

Now there is definitely a second wave coming.  We’ve talked to some industry insiders on this, and Lidl regrouped from their original real estate efforts.  Basically all of the originally looked at locations have been back-burnered or cancelled.  (Washington Twp, Gloucester Twp). 

In Mantua, Lidl got as far as spending $3.25 million on a property for a new store, and now seemingly have abandoned it and are trying to sell it.

Now Lidl is full throttle again in South Jersey

So with the second wave they are looking at new locations, and they are also going with a smaller sized store than the originals.   A recently opened Cherry Hill location was one of the first to see the new smaller store size, as it was approved in planning twice!   First time was the larger square foot store, and before they started building, they changed plans towards the smaller store and gained approval again.  

A Glassboro Delsea Drive store is weeks away from opening (I am stopping there today to check on it!)

A Blackwood (Gloucester Township) location was also approved for the Black Horse Pike.  At the time it was listed as one of 50 stores to open in 2021.  So far the only signs we’ve seen are crews testing the soil.

Very recently Lidl took ownership of a property in Somerdale on the White Horse Pike for $2.85 million.  What’s interesting about that is the Somerdale location didn’t make it on to the 50 upcoming stores press release.

A Voorhees location is still planned, after facing a legal fight (I need to look more into this, to synch up on its latest status)

A Cinnaminson store is also planned.

I know there are some doubters… as the word “Lidl” has been kicking around for many years in our area… but Cherry Hill did open and Glassboro is opening in just a few weeks!   These proposed locations aren’t guaranteed, but odds seem pretty good!

LIDL Monroe Planning

We first became aware that LIDL was interesting in Monroe Township back in May 2020 when Councilwoman Falcone mentioned that LIDL was interested during one of the Council meetings.

Well technically I saw it over the summer and in August 2020 I exchanged emails with Miss Falcone who said at the time “they are still in preliminaries and nothing new yet to report but haven’t heard anything negative about them not coming.  Still positive on this happening”

So for whatever reason I didn’t post on the LIDL plans.  With an elected official saying there was interest, it absolutely was a worthwhile post!   

Then my second miss was, I see now in the October meeting minutes it was clearly said “LIDL grocery store is presenting to the Planning Board” but didn’t have a timeframe… but it was clear it was coming soon.

So FINALLY, with the public notice out there…  42Freeway is jumping on the story.   Doh!

My apologies to the Monroe Township folks!  There are several interesting things in planning and opening for Williamstown.. and you’ll be seeing a lot more posts on this.


Additional meeting documents can be found at the Monroe Planning Agenda page.

The Following is from the public notice;

This is to advise that the Board will hold a public meeting on February 25, 2021 at 6:00 PM virtually via video conferencing by way of a Zoom video conference rather than an “in-person” meeting.

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that members of the public will have full access to the meeting, and will also be able to give public comment, present objections, and/or cross-examine witnesses on the application being heard by the Board, through Zoom or telephone by following the below directions:
Time: 6:00 PM EDT (public hearing)
Topic: Monroe Township Planning Board Thursday, February 25, 2021 @ 6:00pm
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Meeting ID: 973 9250 2040 Password: 681016
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