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Lidl Supermarket

A LIDL Grocery store is being proposed for Williamstown on the Black Horse Pike at Lake Ave, with the core grocery building to be developed behind the existing First Bank Property.  The existing Lake Ave property entrance will remain, and an additional water retention area will be added along Lake Ave. Meeting details in the article.

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Glassboro’s Collegetown Shopping Center transformation continues at full steam ahead, with significant progress on the new LIDL, Chipotle and Chase Bank!   We stopped in on Sunday November 22nd and have a photo update for readers!

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The Ross Dress for Less location in Glassboro NJ opened this past Saturday (Oct 24th).  They join a recently opened (relocated) Big Lots store. The third new store for the repurposed Collegetown K-Mart building is a Lidl Grocery, and there doesn’t seem to be much construction activity inside.

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The new (relocated) Big Lots in Glassboro on 47 is opening October 1st! This is the first of three stores for the former K-Mart building. Ross appears to be next in line, and LIDL is following after. There is also a Chase Bank and Chipotle coming. In sad news, the Save-A-Lot Grocery up the road a short bit, closes on 9/30/20

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