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Larchmont Mount Laurel, Mochiatsu Mochi Donuts plus Take 5 Coffee .  Bank of America Plaza

Larchmont Mount Laurel, Mochiatsu Mochi Donuts plus Take 5 Coffee .  Bank of America Plaza
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The “U”-shaped corner shopping center at Route 38 in Larchmont Mount Laurel is getting two exciting new tenants with Mochiatsu Mochi Donuts as well as Take Five coffee shop coming soon to two recently vacated units.

The shopping center is called the Bank of America Plaza, although I’m not so sure folks know it by that name!  Gaetano’s Steaks & Subs shop as well as a Rita’s Water Ice are located in the same center.

Additionally the Sunflour Bakeshop is moving to Marlton, and the Starbucks at Larchmont Commons is hiring for their new store.

Mochiatsu is moving in to the space which previously was home to the Sunflour Bakeshop. Sunflour is relocating to Marlton into a location which previously was Randolph’s Bakery.

It’s a bit of “Bakery Musical Chairs” with three bakeries in the mix!

The location for this new Mochiatsu Mochi Donut shop (and Korean hot dogs and bubble tea) will be facing Larchmont Blvd. in the L-shaped shopping center.

Take 5 Coffee will be located more to the center outer corner of the shopping center, in the unit which was previously Flowers by Elizabeth.  The Florist’s Facebook page states that they are permanently closed.

While I do know some information on Mochiatsu (who also have a location planned for Glassboro), I really cannot find any information on Take 5 coffee, although it appears to be a locally owned coffee shop.

Additionally in the adjacent Larchmont Commons shopping center a new Starbucks is getting closer to opening and they are actively hiring.

That Starbucks was developed as a new building in the front parking lot (next to Burger King) and includes two additional stores. While there are several rumors going around of what’s moving into those two additional stores, nothing yet has been confirmed.

A new Starbucks is opening this Fall in Mount Laurel in the Larchmont Commons Shopping Center on Route 38.

Mochiatsu Mochi Donuts

Mochiatsu is a newer mochi donut franchise opening a location Rt 38 and Larchmont Blvd in Mount Laurel.

The signature item at Mochiatsu are their Mochi Donuts, which is a unique ring shaped donut made with rice flour, which gives it a light crispy outer coating and a fluffy soft inside… almost like a funnel cake.

The ringed donuts actually appear to be created from a connected loop of “munchin” style donut balls, which makes the donut easier to break into smaller pieces.

For Mochiatsu, they say their mochi donuts are made fresh every day… every hour, to be exact!

Mochi donuts are “the latest wave” of new food item coming into South Jersey.   A competing brand called Mochinut is open in Voorhees and Cherry Hill.

Mochiatsu coming to Mount Laurel will also offer Korean hot dogs which are similar to the American corn dog, except they use a rice based flower which gives the coating a crispy outer shell with a softer interior… all wrapped around the hot dog and cheesy mozzarella!

Additionally the menu will include bubble tea and fruit tea, which are brewed in the store with premium tea leaves… to which you can add your favorite tapioca boba topping.

They recently opened a location in Center City Philadelphia, and as mentioned they have plans to also open in Glassboro NJ.

Sunflour Bakeshop – Relocating to Marlton

The Sinflour Bakeshop is relocating from Larchmont to Marlton’s Meetinghouse Square shopping center, taking over the location which was formerly Randolph’s Bakery. That news was put out earlier in the year by “A View from Evesham” Facebook page.

Recently Sunflour announced that the construction for their new Marlton location was running a little bit behind, and unfortunately they had to vacate their Mount Laurel location… so right now they are not operating until the construction is completed in Marlton.

I have never tried Sunflour Bakeshop but comments at Facebook say they have delicious cinnamon buns, scones, coffee cake muffins and more!

Take 5 Coffee

As mentioned I really don’t have any information on Take 5 Coffee Shop other than there is a banner on the front glass window, and a check with Mount Laurel Township has records which also defines the location as “Coffee Shop”

I searched the web, Facebook and Instagram and could not come up with any online presence to get more details on this upcoming Coffee Shop. It’s likely just to early!

That just means I’ll have to stop back as they get closer to opening!

Mochiatsu Mochi Donuts and Take 5 Coffee, coming to…

Bank of America Plaza
3131 Route 38
Mt Laurel Township, NJ 08054

Sunflour Bakeshop (Relocating to)
300 E Greentree Rd
Marlton, NJ 08053ub