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Flower & Flame Dispensary Coming to Former TD Bank Building Near Camden County College

Flower & Flame Dispensary Coming to Former TD Bank Building Near Camden County College
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Earlier this year Flower & Flame dispensary was approved in Gloucester Township to open in a former TD Bank building on College Drive, which is across the street from the Autumn Ridge apartments and in close proximity to Camden County College.

It appears the approval was for an adult-use cannabis dispensary (not medical) and the public notice makes some mention of a potential delivery service also, although the Gloucester Township Zoning Board minutes make no mention of delivery.

The Zoning Board minutes document a series of questions and statements regarding the security of the facility, including guards outside the facility during operating hours, a camera security system and no congregating of customers.

Three residents spoke at the Zoning hearing with one resident against the location saying it is too close to homes, another fully in support of the approval citing economic and job benefits to the town as well as being a cannabis medical patient, and a third expressed it should be approved but they should relocate the door.

The location is at the corner of College Drive and Little Gloucester Road, on a block which has three commercial buildings facing College Drive, with the other two being Dunkin’ Donuts and CVS pharmacy.

This is about a Mile and 1/2 from the HoneyGrove medical use facility on Blackwood-Clementon Rd.

Another dispensary “Cannabis Oasis” is looking for approval to open in the Laurel Hill Plaza (also on College Drive but at Blackwood-Clementon Rd and close to HoneyGrove, but in June the Gloucester Township Zoning Board denied that other Cannabis Oasis application.

As mentioned this new Flowers & Flame Dispensary in the former TD Bank location has found it’s own market as it is close to multiple higher density residential developments such as apartment complexes and townhome developments, Camden County College is very close, and access to Route 42 is just minutes away.

The new Flower & Flame dispensary is currently undergoing interior renovations to support it’s cannabis retail business, but overall it seems the exterior of the building will mostly remain as is… but likely with new paint and of course signage changes.

Flower & Flame Adult-Use Dispensary

Flower & Flame states at their website they are a certified minority owned and women owned business, and they have a purpose-driven commitment to social justice, sustainability, and a responsibility in cannabis distribution.

Their website promises a high quality but still cost effective product… because they believe cannabis is for the people.

Flower & Flame also  promises an inclusive and welcoming culture for all of their clients, and hopes to cultivate impactful and long lasting relationships with like-minded organizations and local groups to help uplift the community.

I do not have an expected opening date, but it seems all approvals are completed including construction permits (based on interior work taking place), so maybe we see them opening later this year? We’ll see soon enough.

I wanted to also mention that the wooded property behind the Flower & Flame (former TD Bank) location has some landscaping work taking place, where it appears someone is thinning out the brush to clean up the property.  I can’t see any projects that were approved for that site, but that lot appears to be owned by the same commercial real estate firm which owns the developed extended lot where Flower & Flame is opening, so likely they are cleaning up the wooded lot in advance of the dispensary opening.

Flower & Flame (Approved and under construction)
601 College Drive
Blackwood NJ